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Autumn Colours – We are all one with nature.

Saturday 7 May – Bright, Victoria

The shifting colours of magical autumn represent so much to my internal self. It’s my “one with nature” that I find resemblance through its beauty and diversity, unlike summer and winter. It’s both beautiful and catastrophically fragmented, evolving from beauty to bare – like a collision between perfectionism and calamity.

I write this based on a beautiful tree and it’s star shaped foliage I can see before me…

Crisp pear green melting into a rich golden honey luminously mingling into mustard, brightening and fusing into burnt orange and red where it tips the tree lines blazing brightly like a fire set against the strong rich depths of forest green in the valley and beyond this, a clear blue sky filled with hope and promise.

Past the exquisiteness and wonder of nature in autumn, waits winter. Leaves will fall and shed, floating like feathers against the sun where they rest upon the strong and wise tree roots. The leaves lay as bright contrast against the earth, crisping up to create livening sound beneath our feet, crunching with each step.

The sun shines down its golden light warming against the cool breeze – a flawless temperature.

Through the colours of the autumn tree I see before me translates so much…

Green is new and fresh and resembles exactly that “new” a possibility of starting “fresh” every day an opportunity to extend itself beyond the murky brown of the tree trunk.

Golden Honey is happiness, despite the murky brown still infiltrating up through it’s branches, it is the fun and the spark and excitement about everything now and all that can lie ahead.

The colour of mustard identifies a degree of reservation or protection, it holds back, it reminds of the murky brown amongst the greens and yellows. It keeps your attention and can sometime restrain the green and yellow’s ability to shine.

Burnt orange is ambition and ideas, it’s philosophical and promising and fun and creative and endless, it has no boundaries it wants to do everything. It’s the fire within that drives and reinvents and evolves – it is fearlessness.

Fiery Red is an anger and love composite, a love-hate emotion. Red signifies passion. Passion in love and passion in hate. It doesn’t forget, it wants to forgive but is always confused. Just like autumn, it is forever changing, however, it knows right from wrong and it roars as fiercely as it’s colour when it is wronged and pain that is inflicted runs bright red in the heart, bleeding and compromising the soul.

The brown trunk and branches are the strength and the structure, it’s the platform or foundation. It branches out to the most vibrant of colours yet it retains all of life’s experience including pain as knowledge and protection – it is the wisdom. It is constant, regardless of the changes around it. The roots are what must be cared for, they are the soul to the tree, the heartbeat to a life. They must learn to bear hardship in darkness and grow during moments of light. It cannot change the seasons that fall upon it, it can only absorb what is right and shed what is wrong in order to stand strong and tall.

© Copyright 2016 becbraid

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