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Welcome to my first blog post – The date today is 30 June 2016.

If you’re an accountant or run a business then 30 June probably means that you’re trying to get all your end of financial year affairs in order. What do dates mean to you?

I think we all share run-of-the-mill highlights upon our calendars, from anticipating events, celebrating the obvious birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and so on. However, we know all too well that dates can also be of a negative nature.

Dates of a negative nature can re-trigger fears, restore nightmares and make your skin crawl. They can instantly bring tears to your eyes, pain in your heart and a sense or feeling like this particularly bad event or memory was only yesterday.

“Re-invention” means to change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new.

I decided that today I am going to re-invent. I am going to re-invent 30 June and what it means to me going forward.

Two years ago I heard the words “Bec… it’s not good news” spoken by my doctor. Two years ago to this day, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

30 June 2014: We entered a deep cave of unknowns and frantic uncertainty.

30 June 2015 (one year later): I was recovering from treatment and suffering from constant anxiety for fear of a recurrence or spread of metastatic disease (secondary cancer). My life was painful; I became slightly recoiled, less social and I addressed my pain independently, I was in a lonely place. The days were dark, however, I always persisted as I slowly moved toward the light once again. (Anyone who has been through such adversity will understand the post treatment phase of their illness and the challenges it presents). I was deeply affected emotionally from my diagnosis and treatment, more so than physically. And more than anyone would have known to the common eye. I have healed from my traumatic experience, though the scars will remain… always.

As the fear and anxiety settled, I slowly clawed my way back to the type of life I wanted to be living. Step by step, I have regained the confidence lost in my battle, taken control over my life once more and have purpose and direction that provides fulfilment and appreciation. I am no longer in the dark.

The launch of my website resembles an unfathomable appreciation for life and quite simply, taking a chance to do what I love.

That love is to write… for as long as I can remember I have written in journals, penned stories, jotted down ideas, dreams, inspiration and noted words of wisdom, which resonated with me.

Writing provided sanction and liberty during my darkest moments. Words gave my pain a voice and a medium to release. Words would flow from my mind to my fingertips, typing simultaneously as tears poured from my eyes and landed on my keyboard. I have over sixty journal entries which timelines my road to recovery from diagnoses to victory. Personal and painstakingly honest, my words were always there for me.

The key message here though, is not about illness. This post is about re-inventing perspective.

Today, as I launch my website, which is just the beginning – I am re-inventing 30 June by taking the plunge and doing something I’ve always wanted to do.

30 June 2016 will now mean a celebration of life and the day I took a chance to do what I love. Today I re-invent my perspective of 30 June from the negative ties of painful reflection onto gratitude and possibility.

How exciting is the word possibility?? I just love what it means, it’s a word that creates buzz, passion and excitement, it means opportunity.

Can you take control of a situation that currently owns you? Can you put a spin on something to make life easier? Can you re-invent an aspect of your life to turn that page or shine light in a different direction? Can you re-invent your perspective?

 Thank you for reading my first blog. Please… take a look around; I would love you to.

bec x

P.S – I’ve already published one blog prior to this one “Autumn Colours – we are all one with nature.” Enjoy!!

© Copyright 2016 becbraid


  1. Anna Gannon says

    I didn’t read your words, I felt them.
    Still catching my breath. xxx


  2. Julie Nicholson says

    This was amazing.. Written beautifully it hit home with me
    Loved reading this blog ( read it twice) 💕💕💕


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