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Setting Goals

I just wrote pages and pages about setting goals, I initially felt good about the content, it was suitable and practical and the blog was written as a marathon analogy. Why a marathon? My hubby completed the Gold Coast marathon today so I thought it was fitting. [Well done hubby… we are very proud of you.]

So… why did I decide not to post these said pages?? It was DULL and lacked unique innovation for a topic so frequently discussed and documented. We’ve all been to seminars, read books and seen loads of compelling content on the web, print and the likes. Reading about goals is motivating in itself, however, just because we have the formula down pat, does not mean we will succeed or achieve. It’s so easy to get lost in the excitement of setting goals but failure to implement is so prevalent.

So… I began to think about what I had written and read between the lines of the real message I was trying to convey, what was the emotion or bottom-line behind the content?

Let’s be realistic, if you want to do something you do it, you make it happen, you focus on it, and you get it done. Why? Because:


“But I have so many goals I’m yet to achieve”

I hear you say. Well me too, there’s a very long list of goals that I wish to accomplish.

I’ve now woken to the reality that achieving or going after your hopes and dreams is not complex. It’s black and white, it’s do or don’t (ok, with a smidge of grey for certain circumstances – just don’t let these grey areas steam roll your ability to achieve. There’s always a variation or alternative to most things – we are spoilt for options in this lifetime).

Before you Google ‘Tips to succeed’, ‘Goal setting’ or reach for a self-help book about success…. STOP! Answer this:

How bad do you want it?

If you respond:

“I want it more than anything else in the world!”

Then I don’t think you need any form of goal setting template, because, you know what? This category of goals carries such an extreme desire, that you’re already actively working toward achieving it. A goal like this gets under your skin like a freight train. You can’t sleep and all you want to do is spend time on it until you are implementing… this kind of drive will always lead to success. Let’s call it ‘category 1’.

Category 1 – A burning desire to accomplish something that gets you into gear immediately. This could still be a goal that you’ve thought about for a long time, however, when the time is right and your will to succeed align… look out!

Category 2.

This type of goal may depend on more than one person, they could be family goals or career goals, i.e. dependent on more than just you to achieve. You require input and co-operation from others. Therefore, you can’t just ‘make it happen.’ This type of goal is perfect for documenting and planning progress (you can Google for your template now).

Category 3.

The goal that you just don’t want enough… there is not enough passion or drive behind whatever it may be to really make it happen. We ALL have these. I think of this category as the ‘one day’ goals. Everyday things that you think about often, you also criticise yourself often about not achieving and constantly tell yourself internally ‘just get off your butt and make it happen.’ However, motivation to implement gets put on the back burner, or to be more accurate, you prioritise that goal down your list and allow distraction to consume you. These goals are likely to be exercise, food, organisation and self-improvement style goals.

In summary, I believe any goal can turn into category ‘1’ when the fire within us comes to life and all of a sudden, you can make it happen.

Between the goal itself and the implementation of your goal… is Life.

Life is about experience, gaining knowledge, advancing your perspective and growing. It takes time. We are never, ever finished learning.

As a self-reflection, I’ve encountered a few knocks along the way… whilst difficult at the time, I am so very grateful for the outlook and perspective I have attained as a result. Always keep your eyes open, every day offers an opportunity to expand your awareness, expand your knowledge and acceptance. Every day has the opportunity to open your heart and mind instantaneously – you just have to be aware and open-minded.

So there, I think this is a more realistic reflection about goal setting instead of people just saying “do it”… Like anything in life, timing is key and we need to be realistic. Tackle life in bite sizes and eventually you will find your way and your higher purpose, which makes you tick and will provide fulfillment.

To wrap this up… there is no ‘one’ place that we should try to arrive, more like multiple destinations. You need to bend and flex with the authenticity of Life. This means taking wrong turns, getting lost, having break downs and flat tyres… it’s all part of getting to various check points. Have patience, but not too much [wink], and don’t be afraid to make yourself accountable… we all need a rocket up our A** from time to time.

Love Bec x

P.S – Perhaps you should choose a category ‘3’ goal today? It’s Sunday, the week is just beginning, why not try and achieve something realistic over the next 7 days?

P.P.S – how could I forget, possibly the most important aspect… who are you setting the goal for? If there is not a component of yourself in there, then I hate to say it, but you are wasting your time. YOU HAVE TO CRAVE, what it is you set out to achieve. If you are doing it for someone else, or some other reason, then you will not fulfill or be emotionally connected to what you have accomplished… don’t just be a box ticker unless your heart is in it. Sure there are things in life we have to do, but these are not goals or aspirations, so leave them where they belong… filed under ‘compulsories of life’ and have some fun with what you ‘do’ want to achieve.


© Copyright 2016 becbraid

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