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Nine to Five

This is not about work, this is not about the daily 9’am’ to 5’pm’ grind…

Who hates mornings? Or, should I say dislike [I discourage my kids from using the word hate, I say it’s “too strong of a word”]? Who pulls the covers up under their chin when the alarm goes off? Who presses snooze button once… twice? Fifteen times?

Pick me, pick me!!! Yep… I am the ‘snooze’ button queen. Though, forever the optimist! Every night… every single God damn night, I tell myself that I am going to get up early and do all the things a perfect morning should entail. Ask my husband and he will most certainly attest that EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT, I advantageously set my alarm for 6am. Do I get up? Hell no – like I said, I’m the snooze queen and I am the one that presses that button fifteen times!

How can one have so much ‘hope’ of an early rise, yet time and time again, fails to do so? Of course there’s been the odd morning where I have accomplished the early rise, mostly though, I am just extremely envious or in adoration of those who naturally wake when the birds are chirping and the world is quiet.

I’ve always liked a sleep in as much as the next person, however, since my treatment I’ve struggled with sleep patterns.  I rarely sleep through the night anymore, (high fives to the mumma’s and dadda’s out there with tiny tots who aren’t sleeping through either). I go to bed quite late and that’s because my finest moments of creativity and productivity occur in the evenings, so this is when I study, complete assignments and write (oh and sometimes watch episode after episode of ‘Suits’ – only the best show ever).

Back to the matter at hand… the screen time before bed is sabotaging my ability to fall asleep. I lay in bed for at least an hour, sometimes more, before my body unwinds enough to sleep. The result means, waking in the morning so far from refreshed that one look in the mirror makes me wince and jump straight into the shower to wake my tired eyes… Generally feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus. There is no spring in my step, there is no morning buzz… I just feel flat. Until about 10am.

The reason I want to get up early and incorporate this into my daily routine, is because when I do, it feels sensational and I’m in a better mood. On occasions, I head to the supermarket before everyone heads off to their work/school day and these moments of peace in a quiet supermarket are so therapeutic and calming, as opposed to the afternoon chaos that the supermarket usually entails. Or I rise to a hot cup of tea, yoga and meditation or read a book. It sounds so enticing, no wonder I am tempting the idea of this, every single day.

I want to transform my ‘attempt’, well, actually… let’s be serious – it’s not even attempting, it’s quite simply being delusional… I want less delusion and more action into reality. I am going to set a challenge for myself. The fact I’m sharing this with you, makes me somewhat accountable… who’s with me?

Now, why set out to challenge yourself if it’s only a little nudge?  I want to seek something new, I want to feel revolutionised and I want to find that extra time in the day that I’ve been searching for.

I am going to attempt a ‘9’ to ‘5’! I am going to be in bed in the ‘nine’s’ where I will read a book (no screen time) for twenty minutes, do a 10 min Yoga Nidra mediation (I do this every single night) and set my alarm for [drum roll please] FIVE ‘something’ A.M.

So, go to bed in the nine’s and up in the five’s for seven days… then I’ll see how I feel. I’m guessing the first few days will be the toughest. I shall diarise my progress and what I get up to, this will allow me to determine whether those extra hours are more beneficial than doona time.

Who’s with me on the challenge? I’m going to start tomorrow morning. Most people set themselves up to start new habits on a Sunday or a Monday, if they fail, they’ll start ‘next week’ (so the saying goes).  Why wait if it’s something you want to do and the idea is fresh and vibrant and ready to roll. So tonight it is… 9 something PM to bed and 5 something AM to rise.

“Bounce out of bed” is a saying that doesn’t resonate with me, I’m more like a sloth dragging my butt and aching feet out of bed (a legacy of chemotherapy called neuropathy), groaning about my lack of quality sleep. I then murmur the same repetitious words “I need to go to bed earlier”!

Earlier I shall – rise and shine baby, I’m excited!

Bec x

P.S – Do you think it’s possible to become a morning person?

P.P.S – I think the most successful and driven people rise early. The past two years for me have not been about success they’ve been about survival and now I’m ready and driven to do what I want to do – not what I have to do, or should do, or ought to. In life we have choices – I think we should all embrace that freedom.


  1. Nerolie says

    I love this Bec! I’ve been trying to create a new wind-up and wind-down rotine for a while now. Screen time is definatly causing havoc with my sleep. I’ve been vowing to kick this habit by setting myself a screen curfew and literally doing everything you’ve mentioned in your post. I’ll do this with you. I’ll start tomorrow!!


    • How’d you go getting up this morning? I was a little later than Wednesday morning, but still in the ‘fives’!


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