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Snail Mail

Is snail mail a dying virtue? A fading art form… An expiring tradition? Are pen pals a thing of the past and where did our collection of sweet, matching stationery sets go? Not to mention… when was the last time you hand wrote a note to someone?

Snail Mail they call it… It now takes two to six days to receive mail in the same town (unless you pay priority for delivery in one to four days). How much is a stamp these days? That’s right, a majority probably doesn’t know. I only discovered this recently, the last I was aware, it was 50c, that’s how long it’s been since I regularly acquired postage stamps – they’re now $1. Wow, I thought, that’s kind of expensive for one standard size letter. Or, is it???

Texting, emailing, ‘Snap Chatting’ and conversing through Facebook and Instagram is now the modern day way to communicate:

Convenient? Yes.

Fun? Yes.

Addictive? Yes. [Don’t worry I’m not suggesting a strike of social media.]

I had a brief case full of stationery sets growing up, as I’ve always loved to write. I sent mail regularly to my aunts, uncles and cousins who lived in Bendigo, Victoria. I’d decorate my stationery with stickers, drawings and glitter (oh and ‘Crayola Stampers’ my favourite). Sometimes I’d even design my own stationery, a favourite pastime.

Nowadays, I open mail and it goes something like this… bill, bill, bill, bill, receipt, bill, magazine subscription, yay, bill, pap smear reminder, double yay…. [Insert sarcastic, unimpressed face!] Get the drift, not very exciting and I know you can all relate.

Mostly, the only old school mail I receive these days is from my Nanna “Little Nan” with a ten-dollar note for the kid’s birthdays. Every single time, it makes me smile as it sparks the memory of when she sent me the same $10 in my birthday cards 20 years ago. [I don’t think Little Nan has heard of inflation/Indexation/CPI… haha, bless her cotton socks].

Just last week I received from a beautiful friend, a gorgeous ‘Thank you’ card. YES!!! In the mail… Sent by post… Handwritten… Can you believe it!? It wasn’t a group thank you on ‘Facey’ it wasn’t an email, it was an actual piece of paper with actual handwriting!! I loved it. I sat for a moment with it in my hand and I reflected… Is ‘snail mail’ going to be history? Nonexistent?

Even our online shopping… there’s chitter, chatter about delivery by drones (a remotely piloted aircraft), in fact it’s actually already happening in test phase. Technology never ceases to amaze me. Everything today is about convenience.

(See here, Australia Post commenting on this technology).

Receiving a handwritten card (insert picture) was a bright reminder of how much I loved sending (and receiving) real mail. It demonstrated genuine gratitude, as I knew she’d taken the time to write a personalised message on each and every card sent.

The point I’m making is why don’t we all send some ‘snail mail’? Earlier, I stated, “Wow, I thought, that’s kind of expensive for one letter of standard size. Or, is it???” Personally, no, I don’t think so. When you feel that someone has taken the time to personally address you through a little old school act of friendship, then I think not (we are constantly buying apps from the app store without a second thought). Plus, Australia Post is struggling, so we are technically trying to keep their jobs, right? I’m not suggesting businesses go back to snail mail over email, efficiency is imperative and that is why technology has taken us to this point. However, thoughtful acts of friendship and love can still be old school can’t they?

Keep an eye on your mailbox friends…. There might be snail mail coming your way soon.

Bec x

P.S. Don’t worry, I’m not shunting technology, quite simply it is brilliant and clever. I’m actually about to send a text invitation to friends for a birthday celebration [oops, really… after I just spoke about snail mail… wink, wink]. Let’s face it, we all love technology, I just don’t want to forget that there is still a place for snail mail. I can’t wait to write some letters over the coming weeks, as well as find or create some beautiful stationery.

P.P.S. Food for thought – do you think our children will be writing letters and sending via conventional post when they are our age?


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  1. I enjoyed this one, I recentlly wrote a similar blog post about snail mail and have since come to know how awesome the snail mail community is (across-ironically-social media). I’ve definately been inspired to step up my snail mailing game!


    • Hi “Life’s Happy Highlights” I went and read your blog and enjoyed it. Thanks for commenting and yes… I want to remain consistent with snail mail. It is an extra effort… though, it is the effort that highlights the gesture making it more special. x

      Liked by 1 person

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