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Do you plan more than you do?

Woohoooo…. I did it. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to get my motor bike license.   The difference now, is that I’m changing my wants, taking them off my ‘to-do list’ or ‘dream list’ and I’m making things happen.

I’m so excited! You may now see me scooting around on my little white Vespa (with L plates). I rode motorbikes my whole childhood and I loved it. There is something freeing and exhilarating about being on two wheels with the wind in your hair. It’s something fun to look forward to on a beautiful day when I have some time to myself. This has been on my ‘want to do’ list for about ten years (enjoy my 90’s slide show below).

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For as long as I can remember I’ve always had lists. To-do lists, wish lists, one day lists, daily lists, shopping lists, study lists, medical lists etc. I have always been a queen of lists.

Typo, Kikki.K, Office Works, Kmart… you name it, these shops lure me in every single time. They always have a shiny new notepad with bright new ‘on trend’ colours or designs, a weekly schedule or a huge monthly planner to stick on my walls. All such great ideas, these will help me to be more organised – after all, you can never be too organised can you?

The reality is, I like planning, preparing and implementing systems to keep track of what it is I need or want to do. My ‘notes’ app on my phone currently sits at over 100 notes… why? Whenever I think of something, I write it down. I map my week and what I need to achieve. I use colour coded spreadsheets, or I choose things off my list and put them on a beautiful weekly paper planner template to have in front of me when I’m on the computer… there, “I’m so organised” I tell myself. I know exactly when and what I will do in the week ahead, it’s a bit of a masterpiece. Every part of the week has been allocated.

What I’ve realised, is that I like to plan and map out how I will process things, more than actually implementing what it is I have or want to do. I allow myself to get distracted, or choose what I’d prefer to do instead of what has been on ‘the list’ for the past two months. The result… when you update your following week, you are re-writing the same list because you didn’t show the same commitment to completing as you did planning… Are you planning more than you’re doing?

Now, the above mostly pertains to the mundane daily or weekly activities of regular life, nothing out of the ordinary. So, what if we were to talk about goals, dreams or ambitions? Yep, I have a list for those too, do you?

I know I’ve had a little shake up when it comes to my health and the risk that constantly hovers over my head, however, you don’t need to go through an illness to make ‘things’ happen. Let me re-phrase… “Don’t wait until you have experienced a life shake up, take action now.”

This year, I sat down with my beautiful and bright Emily Ley Happy Stripe Daily Diary for 2016… [I told you I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery.] In the beginning of the planner, I wrote all of the things I wanted to do for the year. They were not resolutions; they were not change of habits. I kept it simple… what did I want to do?

Happy Stripe Diary

When you achieve what you want to do… the next step is very important and where so many of us go wrong.

Don’t achieve, simply to tick boxes.

Don’t achieve, simply to go after the next item you have on your list.

Don’t achieve, simply to be able to say, “I’ve done ‘xyz’.”

To gain a true sense of fulfillment, you need to feel emotion. Are you working hard at something just because that’s what you think you should be doing, achieving or committing to? When you do achieve, are you enjoying it for longer than it takes to post your achievement to social media? Are you relishing in the moment? Truly taking it in and reflecting on the path you took to attain success? Too often, we are not living ‘in the now’: we are always looking forward, planning and ticking boxes… what’s next? … And then what’s next? … And then?

How do you achieve success in what you feel passionate about? It’s not rocket science, get off your butt and go for it. Not all goals are quickly attained, some require forward planning, some require saving up enough money, some require a process to get to the ultimate outcome, however, unless you start, you will never get there. (Here… I spoke about setting goals in an earlier blog).

Bite by bite you can get to what you want to do, but you have to more than just plan for it, you have to do it. I like the concept of “bite by bite”.

Goal + Hunger + Genuine Passion + Self-Discipline + Bite sizes = successful outcome (eventually).

Most things in life do not come easy… Has something been on your wish list, or dream list for too long? Why don’t you take your ‘first bite’?

Bec x

P.S. I can’t even begin to describe what it feels like to achieve something you’ve wanted for so long… we all know the feeling… it’s abso-f***ing-lutely FANTABULOUS! Chase that feeling, I dare you!

P.P.S. A word of advice, “All any of us have, is right now”.

P.P.P.S. Choose fun!

Bec on Scooter


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  1. Dee says

    I feel like you have describe me to a tee. I am so a list person – however “yes” I’m liking your take on a new process for planning and implementing my lists moving forward. 😄


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