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Sharing the Love


Today I’m sharing the love.

In my feature photo I share my two favourite quotes.

“What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract.  What you imagine, you create” – Buddha

What are your thoughts and feelings about quotes? They are in our face every single day, all over social media and here I am adding to the congestion of powerful and ‘wisdomatic’ words [yes… I just totally made the word ‘wisdomatic‘ up – it’s incorrect… I’m using it anyway ;)].

“Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden in the mind” – Buddha

I think people search for quotes when they are in pain, angry, sad or the opposite, are in the midst of chasing their dreams and need some wordy inspiration to encourage and as a reminder to keep going and remain focused. I also believe people who are in search for something – search for words that encapsulate a clue for which direction they should turn.

People use quotes for daily affirmations and for hope.

I believe quotes are worthy, provided they are applied. I always keep an album on my phone titled ‘Positive Vibes.’ I don’t just save quotes for the hell of it: I file them for their relevance. Some mornings I wake and I can’t spring out of bed, some mornings for whatever reason, my heart bleeds a little. It might have been a bad dream or a reflection on difficulties in the past? I don’t like to start my day in a fearful or negative state of mind, so if this happens, I open my ‘Positive Vibes’ album. I read the words that resonated enough for me to have saved them in the first place. It’s such a brilliant reminder of the simplicity of life, and how merely just ‘being here’ is a big enough reason to smile and get my a** out of bed.

So, I mentioned I’m sharing the love and I am… I’m going to share with you some of my favourite quotes and I’m also going to share some of my favourite things.

Recently a friend on Instagram posted these words:
“Shout out to all the girls who tell you where they got their cute clothes from. Instead of pretending like they forgot.”
This ‘insta’ post inspired me to create a bit of a folder called ‘A few of my favourite things’ (even though there’s more than a few)…. It’s filled with items and products and ‘stuff’ that I love and use regularly. I think as part of the ‘Sisterhood’ we should all share life hacks, miracle products and simple pleasures or joys that we stumble across. Sharing is caring after all!

So whilst this blog is light hearted and perhaps not as deep as previous words I’ve shared, I do hope you find it fun.

Where can you find these ‘favourite things’ and ‘inspiring quotes’?

Come and check out my new Pinterest page. It is here you will find some of my favourite things.

Click here to access my Pinterest page (follow me if you like).

Pinterest image

To finish up, I mentioned sharing is caring… so why don’t you share in the comments below (or on my Facebook or Instagram thread) a favourite quote or ‘thing’… What makes other people happy always inspires me.

Bec x

P.S. I share my own quote in the footer of my web page… might be a bit strange that I am quoting myself, however, I came up with my own words because sometimes you need to hear your own voice… and your own wisdom… and be able to trust in that. Other ‘wisdomatic’ words are great; just don’t be afraid to write your own, based on life experience and your intuition.

“Open your eyes to endless possibilities and never stop dreaming or generating ideas” – Bec Braid


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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    My name is Bee, I’m a friend of Kirsty’s
    I think your just gorgeous! I love your blog
    and your thoughts, fears & positive spin on life.

    I think your strength is amazing, what a fantstic inspiration you are 😘

    Sending much love
    Bee Xx

    Sent from my iPhone

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Bee,
    Thank you so much for your beautifully kind words. Taking the time to comment means a lot.
    Sending love back to you also xx
    Bec x


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