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Say Goodbye to the Winter Blues!

One would think we’ve been living in Cherrapunjee! Where? Cherrapunjee or more commonly known as Sohra is situated in India… because of its geographical location and monsoonal showers; it holds two Guinness world records for receiving the maximum amount of rainfall in a single year. (Source: Wikipedia) So basically Sohra is monsoonal all year round. One of the “rain-iest” places in the world… Holiday anyone?? [No thanks].

Initially when the rain began to fall (months ago) I loved it. Rainy days for me is where I grant myself permission to do nothing, go nowhere, and let the kids watch endless movies. We snuggle up, and wear our comfy, ‘daggy’ clothes and hope that it rains all day. I never feel bad for my lack of washing or cleaning and I usually throw the ‘healthy eating’ out the window and dive straight into copious amounts of comfort food. Exercise… well the rain is my perfect excuse. So really, when I think about a rainy day, it’s a casual, snuggly easy day of fun, lack of activity and embracing the weather forecast as opposed to being upset about it. In actual fact, if the sun starts to shine, I get a little sad that the rain might dry up and we have to get back to life… i.e. there is no longer an excuse to have a ‘lazy day’.

Rainy days allow you to ditch your day-to-day happenings and commitments, allowing you to have extra snuggles with your children, mix up the routine [by doing nothing] and have some fun. After all, I’m only talking about ‘one’ day.

What happens though, when day after day is a rainy day?

The first week: Yayyyyyyy…. First day anyway – it’s a ‘lazy rainy day’…. Then, it’s a little inconvenient when you have to be out and about (luckily I got gumboots for Mothers Day), but it’s fine.


The second week: It’s still OK, it’s mesmerising and relaxing to sleep with rain hitting the roof, snuggled under the doona is amazing – the easiest and most divine way to fall asleep. Or, waking early in the morning to hear the rain, this also makes my heart dance.

The third week: Your son has permanently become a super hero because of the sheer amount of TV. He no longer answers to his name, only “Spiderman” or “Leo the turtle.”

The fourth week: You no longer await a text message from your daughter around school pick up time: you automatically drive to the bus stop to pick her up so she’s not drenched by the time she gets home.

The fifth week: Ok, everyone’s had enough of soup eating season, you crave a salad but it just doesn’t seem right…

The sixth week: You’re now accustomed to dirty floors and a lack of shine due to the constant wet weather shoes… you give up. You also give up on the endless washing actually drying in time… your house is now a permanent Chinese laundry and you keep your heater running frequently to dry the clothes (in addition to the dryer).

The seventh week: You start to dread your electricity/gas bill, you start to daydream about an island holiday and your only sense of light is looking at your skin, which now resembles frosty the snow man.


After a while though, I became lethargic and unmotivated. The rain was now painful and showed no signs of budging. The odd dry day here and there but to me it just seemed like unending rain.

I would be ready to dash to the park with my toddler the minute it seemed to clear up just to get out of the house (even then though, it was wet and miserable and your tiny tot wasn’t that impressed). The back yard no longer fun to explore unless you wanted extra laundry, it had become a sloshy mess. The sky was dim and now, we had become accustomed to the falling rain, no longer excited, no longer ready for a ‘lazy day’ after all, it was no longer just a day, it had become days and days and days. The guilt of how much TV your children were watching had set in and I’d also lost my exercise routine which made me feel a bit yucky about myself, emotionally. I need exercise for my mind… (I no longer exercise for body image… I am far from perfect, but I am enough), I do however; exercise to maintain a healthy frame of mind and motivation.

[After speaking to other mums, we realised that even children fall under the spell of prolonged crappy weather, some of my friends reported that when they tried to do the right thing and get their children out for some fresh air but they simply wanted to stay at home!?! How crazy is that, since when do toddlers want to stay indoors… gosh all the Mumma bears are certainly ready for some sunshine].

Did you fall into a ‘lull’ over recent winter months? Did you know that there is an actual disorder, which affects people who have endured long periods of unfavourable weather, darkness or lack of sunshine? It’s called ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ and interestingly enough, the acronym for this is ‘SAD’.   SAD encompasses symptoms such as:

  • Decreased levels of energy/concentration
  • Fatigue, weight gain or weight loss
  • Increased need to sleep
  • Wanting to be alone (to name a few)

“Hormones manufactured deep in the brain automatically trigger attitudinal changes at certain times of year. Experts believe that SAD is related to these hormonal changes. One theory is that reduced sunlight during autumn and winter leads to reduced production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that has a soothing, calming effect. The result of there not being enough serotonin is feelings of depression along with symptoms of fatigue, carbohydrate craving, and weight gain”. (Source: WebMD).

Well, that explains why we’ve all been craving bread and pasta and struggling to move our butt to exercise, let alone stay on top of everything we wished we were doing or wanting to achieve.

I can’t say I’ve had all of the above symptoms, however, I totally agree that this is a real thing. Bad weather definitely equates to deflated moods and takes that extra effort to stay on top of things.

I have definitely lost a sense of ‘the energized me’ of late… So… thank goodness the sun has begun shining, it feels amazing to be outside and feel the wind and fresh air on my face. It’s an instant mood booster and whilst I will always like rain, I am thankful for the four very different seasons we get to experience. (Here in Wagga Wagga).

I love a roaring fire, which shelters us from the cold…

I likewise love the smell of blooming flowers and the promise of warmer months to come…

The dry, hot summer isn’t so bad when you are swimming with a cold drink and in company of good friends…

And the falling of the leaves with vibrant oranges, yellows and reds is my most favourite season of all.

So let’s bring on the sunshine, bring on the energy, bring on the picnics at the park. The days that are longer, the days that seem brighter and the days that enable us to chase our dreams.

I know we can dance in the rain (I have embraced this quite a few times), but gosh I can’t wait to dance in the sunlight.

I’m so happy the sun is shining once again.

Bec x

P.S. I’ve been to the park four times in the last three days… What a good feeling that is!

P.P.S. I got to ride my Vespa all day twice last week: the sunshine has certainly put a smile on my face!


© Copyright 2016 becbraid

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