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I love corporate storytelling…

Let me tell you why I became a copywriter, why I love it, and why you need to consider your content and brand storytelling strategy.

I wanted to turn my passion into a career and this is where ‘becbraid COPYWRITING’ was designed and born. I’ve learnt during my lifetime that not everyone can find the right words – personally, professionally or both. Having completed a fair share of professional writing within the financial planning sector and community based projects (as well as writing personally for as long as I can remember), I decided, “Why couldn’t I mix business with pleasure?”


After facing adversity with my health (Breast Cancer in June 2014), I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with regard to a career and finding a niche to feed my ambition. Nothing will fire you up more than simply wanting to be here, being grateful is an incredibly stimulating quality to have. It brings an onslaught of big dreams and an appetite to succeed – “No time to waste time” I say. When your life is compromised, you tend not to hold back any longer. So when I came up with the idea to turn my writing into a career, I just knew that it’s what my mind had been searching and longing for – so it went to work immediately instigating ideas and strategies.

A frustration by many is business development and marketing. It’s where so many business owners and entrepreneurs would like to spend their time, yet resourcing and keeping up with the day-to-day tasks seems to dominate the majority of hours in any given day. Running your business and having a client centric focus is paramount to its success – it’s not something that you can put on the back burner. Yet, sadly, this leaves the directional and promotional aspect a little abandoned at times, or perhaps in the too hard basket?

As we’re all aware, web presence for a long time has been an important aspect of business. However, as time has evolved we are also weary of how quickly things become outdated. Social media and the evolution of technology can make anyone’s head spin when it comes to ‘keeping up’. Fortunately, we now have access to incredibly clever and technically brilliant web designers who can have your imagery and chosen pages up and running in no time. Equally as clever – is the array of talented graphic designers who bring the visuals and artistic design of your business ‘look’ – to life.

But… what about the content?

Who designs this? I do!

Often websites can look fantastic, however, does anyone stay there long enough to actually see what you do? You’ve probably invested significant capital into your web presence so why would you stop at the design? If I had a dollar for everyone who has said, “Yes we have a brilliant website but it’s in desperate need of updating…..!” This is when people are generally talking about content.

I know from my prior financial planning days that content was a major headache for businesses, from creating newsletters and chasing people for articles and relevant ‘substance’ – to coming up with the right words in which accurately and attractively depict the product or services on offer. Isn’t this the most important facet?

Your business just like the beginning of my own… has a story. People want to hear this, they want to know about you, they want to know about your staff and the history and the direction of your professional future. Existing clients want to know they are being looked after by an innovative and modern firm, prospective clients are seeking this – you are working hard, so why not share a little ‘blood, sweat and tears’ with your target market?

Allow me to tell your corporate story.

I am always intrigued and excited for business owners chasing their dreams and developing empires that create employment and opportunity for others. It was my favourite aspect of risk management – working with successful and ambitious business owners. By offering writing solutions to established businesses, new start-ups or creative individuals chasing their entrepreneurial dream, means that I get to work with driven people and teams – to leverage their vision into skillfully ‘made-to-measure’ word craft, enabling optimal business profiling.

Does your mind think big?

Do you have an exciting concept?

Are you itching to solidify your brand or profile?

Do you have words stuck in your head – unable to translate?

See more here about the services I provide.

If you’ve been sitting on a project and haven’t been able to find the right words, then perhaps I can help?

“Writing it right for you.” | becbraid



© Copyright 2017 becbraid

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