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‘One Life’ – BLOG

My Blog has a name… Hooray!

When I decided to name my blog, I came up with a good A4 page full of ideas. I was trying to be clever with a ‘play on words’, whilst simultaneously trying to make it simple and easy to remember.

I had names such as ‘Word Polish’, which I absolutely loved and even considered as my business name at one point prior to deciding on simplicity and having identity.

Other names I toyed with were, ‘Word Spa’, ‘Word Craft’, ‘Word Society’, ‘Word Bird’ – etc – all of which I adored. However, I guess there were two reasons, which created a change of mind on the direction of branding and how I would name it.

  1. Some were already existing business names when I searched them; and
  2. It was too general, and didn’t necessarily depict the aim of my writing and it’s content.

I have written previously about the aim of my blog… however, initially I ‘just wrote’, I have always just opened my laptop when something would come to me. It doesn’t matter how much blog planning I do and I could have a hundred topics to choose from on my list, yet, my creative workflow comes quite simply when I ‘feel’ it.

After launching my blog, I didn’t really know who my target audience was? I wasn’t writing to attain an audience to be honest; I was just following my passion to share my words. However, after publishing several blogs, it started to become apparent that I write a lot about various facets of life.

I then did an exercise, which was a bit of a business development questionnaire to unearth direction and purpose. They were open and provoking questions which drew me to the conclusion that the best way to sum up my blog was this:

“Come with me and enjoy my passion for writing.   Whilst my blog theme here is broad, my ultimate goal is to provide a healthy perspective on life, empower gratitude, raise awareness for young breast cancer and provoke thoughts of positive change.”

I then went on to say:

“My writing comes from passing thoughts, vivid dreams, a pinch of the heart, curiosity and exploration.”

So when I came back to creating a name for my writing (not my business – just the blog component which is equally important to me), I wanted it to depict those four core elements mentioned above.

This is where ‘One Life’ was born…

What does ‘One Life’ mean?

Well… we are not cats and we certainly do not have seven lives! We have just one! I want my writing (blog posts) to encompass the fact that we all only get one opportunity at existing. It is our choice of how we wish to do this and sometimes we need to understand that life is not always good, life is not always fabulous and life is certainly not always kind.

We need to be open to the fact that life will at times throw an onslaught of twists and turns (sometimes positive and sometimes negative). The question is – will you allow life happenings to own you and define you?

Life is one big gigantic lesson – some learn faster than others, some don’t take things too seriously and others really struggle in every day life due to infinite reasons.

One thing I want to highlight is that we do not need to strive for perfection. Just because we have ‘One Life’ doesn’t mean we can’t put a foot wrong. Life as I said is a continual lesson and we must ‘try it out’ – this includes falling on our face (more than once). Don’t sit in safety, don’t hold back due to fear of failure – What I ultimately mean by ‘One Life’ is this:

  1. Gaining a healthy perspective on life – how do you see the world, how do you see your life? Are you are a gatekeeper to your own life? Are you seeing things in grey when you actually have a much brighter potential? Some elderly people die with limited life perspective… it’s not something that can only be gained through length of time on earth. Healthy life perspective is gained when you learn from your own pathway and your environment – this occurs through keeping open eyes, open mind and having an open heart. I like to challenge myself to find something good in every adverse situation – this is not always easy, however, I recommend persistence because eventually you are freed from negativity and suffering.

2. Find empowerment via gratitude – without appreciation, you may only have a sense of entitlement. Nothing should ever be taken for granted and I want to demonstrate through my writing that you can truly find gratitude even when a fair share of ‘punches to the gut’ has come your way. Gratitude gives life to kindness, understanding and a more free flowing nature, which says, “Hey, I’m just happy to be here” and it eliminates self doubt, therefore offering words of self-reliance, like “I am enough”

3.  Through my experience of breast cancer (a life threatening disease), I like to share how I now see the world, I feel blessed for every single day that I am here. My ‘One Life’ was compromised and over a long, painful period of time, it completely overhauled how I now see things. If I can share some of this wisdom to open the eyes of others, then only good can come of that. I want to raise awareness of my experience and provide a voice for others that have suffered similarly.

 4.  Provoking thoughts of positive change from within – I want to challenge myself every single day, I am alive and I want to feel alive. I’m both naturally captured as well as an instigator when it comes to thoughts of positive change. Thoughts that I can act on and can implement within my life – so why not share those thoughts?! If I can create a healthy appetite for others to be the best versions of themselves then that is a bonus.

Writing for me is therapeutic, it’s a Love and I’m so glad that I’m finally sharing it. I only have one life, you only have one life – we all have just ‘one life’.

So here it is, this is my blog that now has a name:


Enjoy – I hope you like it.

Bec x


© Copyright 2016 becbraid

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