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What is a ‘Copywriter’?

You’ve heard of and seen the word ‘COPYRIGHT’ – So, what is a ‘COPYWRITER

It’s obvious when breaking down the two words that the key difference is ‘right’ vs ‘write’…. Right?


Copyright is effectively the legal ‘right’ to the original work of the inventor, maker or designer. i.e. an author’s work, a musician’s music, an artists artwork etc. Copyright is the protection of intellectual property, so in a nutshell it is the creator’s exclusive legal right to their own work.

So what does a copyrighter do? They secure the above rights.

I am not a copyrighter.



I can tell you that the term initially confused me… the easiest way to understand what a copywriter does is to break down the words and swap the order…

>>>>> Write Copy

That’s it and that’s the simplest way to understand the difference. A copywriter, writes copy or content (generally for business, marketing and advertising purposes). From there, you will find lots of different copywriters with distinctive styles, skillsets and varying niches.

You can read more Here about the services that I provide.

Ultimately my passion is writing in general and then making it purposeful. You can read more of my words under the Main Menu above titled “Blog” where various articles/posts are filed accordingly.

I am super challenged, excited and ambitious with regard to my writing. Copywriting is a way for me to combine what I love to do with my second love, which is interaction with clients and sharing in their passion and drive for success.

becbraid COPYWRITING | writing it right for you…



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