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Flashbacks + Emotions: A Video

A couple of months ago, my beautiful cousin Montana asked if she could use my battle with Cancer as her subject matter for a school assignment. Montana (aka ‘Moni’) is fifteen years old and in year nine.  She had to complete a biography and a video presentation.



Moni has always been the kindest and most warm spirited girl. A smile always planted on her beautiful face and open arms to embrace big hugs whenever we are reunited (Moni lives in Bendigo – where I was born).

When Moni asked to write about me… I admired and was grateful for the fact she said I was an inspiration to her in relation to getting through my breast cancer – bless her.

The questions were respectful and well thought out (she’s a very mature cookie this one). It was quite confronting re-visiting those dark days to recall information, however, quite therapeutic from a progression point of view. It was refreshing to see that my life has taken leaps and bounds since that dark time.

I thought I would share Moni’s work with you. It brought many, many tears to my eyes and I’m so lucky to have such beautiful family, near or far – always in my heart. I love you Moni x

Here it is – she’s been working very hard on this for weeks.  So proud of you Moni.  [The volume dips slightly at the end so you will need to turn it up a bit]:




  1. Beautiful Moni! Bec, I had no idea the extent of the treatment you had to endure…and always that beautiful smile shining through every photo. xx

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    • Thank you Tania – yes it was a long road that’s for sure. Smiling and being with loved ones always brightened my days – however, I’ll be honest, not every day was bright… I’m just so very grateful every single day x


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