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The Shower That Saved My Life

The most common questions I am asked, is:

“How did you know?”

“What were the signs?”

“Did you find it yourself?”

For anyone with babies or toddlers in their house, know that time is in short supply to have uninterrupted adult conversation. My hubby and I often had our quality conversations in the shower at the end of the day when the kids were asleep.

“In June 2014 this shower turned from quality conversation to life saving.”

On this particular night, we were in our teeny-tiny shower and obviously because space was limited I was at a different angle (to showering alone) when it came to washing under my arms… I swept my soapy hand across my breast and into my armpit… “What was that”? I said, it STOPPED me in my tracks.

I said to my husband, “Oh my goodness, feel this.” (Just in case I was imagining it)… Nope, I was certain I just felt a big ass lump in my right boob. He felt it too… I was pretty calm; he on the other hand was quite directive, saying, “Right, you need to see Carl (our GP) tomorrow.” I said ok and didn’t think much of it. When we jumped into bed, he asked if I was worried, I wasn’t. I’d previously had swollen sweat glands/infection in my armpit on the same side so I just thought it would be a cyst or something. Even though this time it wasn’t in my arm pit, it was in my breast.

My husband’s mum sadly passed from Breast Cancer when he was seventeen years old, he was concerned more than I was. It was a decent size lump, once I had found it and knew it was there; there was no missing it. My mum, when I showed her, gasped, “Bec, that’s really big,” she said (she was worried).

So that is how I found my lump, it was random, it was by chance and thank God I found it… it was aggressive, had already infiltrated into my lymph nodes and if left any longer could have easily metastised elsewhere in my body. If that were the case, instead of having the opportunity to fight, I may have been handed my death sentence…


GET TO KNOW YOUR BOOBS (what’s normal for you – what’s not)?


It’s time girls… DO IT – tonight in the shower and then in front of the mirror.


Here’s a guide to self-examination. If you’re not sure, next time you’re at the GP just ask how to perform your own exam.


I’m being deadly serious… when we are young we are not offered routine testing. That’s ok – only if you are on top of things. And for woman who are old enough to have their mammograms… don’t put it off, do it, book that appointment. And let’s be realistic… they’re not that bad, I’ve had four now and it hurts a little on my scar tissue, however, one deep breath and it’s done.

Ok, day one of Blog-tober done… (it was a bit of a serious one wasn’t it?! I just wanted to kick off with an action item for you all to take responsibility – after all, that’s what awareness is all about!)

Bec x

P.S. Up Next… Hard Truths (Part 1) and in the coming days you will see my first video blog.




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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this personal account of how you found it. It is a worry for most women but with such busy lives we forgot to make time to check our bodies. The reminder is good!


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