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Save the ‘BOX’

Yes I mean that box… yep – your lady bits!

Whilst I’m clearly passionate about raising awareness for Breast Cancer in young woman, I feel equally impassioned for any kind of cancer and the suffering it brings to not only the individual but also their family and friends.

There is no nice cancer, there is no easy cancer… Cancer as I’ve called it before is a bastard…

So today, I wanted to introduce you to a phenomenal campaign that is powerful and clever and incredibly moving. This campaign is getting people talking about gynaecological cancers.

There are seven types – ovarian, uterine, vulvar, vaginal, cervical and two rare pregnancy cancers.

Currently these are the stats: 

Every day 15 woman are diagnosed (on average); and

Every day 4 woman die from gynaecological cancer.

[Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports as at March 2016 and as reported by]

Here is the video (the campaign) I’m referring to:

The Save the Box campaign. It is truly amazing. Do yourself a favour and watch this. Let’s make sure that everyone is comfortable talking about ‘saving the box’. Talking about it will educate, create awareness and hopefully save lives.

Head to these sites to read more about prevention and warning signs. Stay healthy gals… know your body, be in tune with your body, listen to your body.

Love Bec x

P.S.  Thank you to my friend Simone Eyles who brought this campaign to my attention.


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  2. Tania says

    what a great campaign to raise awareness for gynaecological cancers, thanks Bec for a great blog.


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