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Wiggin’ Out

Come and meet my hairy friends, they are named after Victoria Secret Models, both real and faux.  I’ll tell you all about choosing my wigs… the crazy and urgent need to find one BEFORE I lost my hair and why I wasted my money…

Here are some images from my wig wearing days…

Bec x


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  2. Bec you gorgeous woman!

    Do you ever look bad?? Even when you were sick at
    the lowest part of your life… still look bloody
    drop dead gorgeous 🙂

    Wow…..I love your photo when your in a long flowing brown dress and boots! Stunner….

    Your are just amazing, such an honor to be your blog and fb friend.

    Thank you special lady

    Ps I was in wagga for the long wk, where abouts are you guys?? We stayed at the Mantra which was nice.
    Then onto Narrandera for a family thing, I was born there 🙂 lots of rain down there! Lovely to chat Bxxx


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