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Words From My Mum

The people we are closest to are often the ones so busy caring that their grief can be overlooked. My mum was an absolute blessing when I was diagnosed, she stepped straight up and looked after my children, ensuring they were loved and cared for when my husband and I were in Sydney for surgery and IVF.

Mum, like myself or should I say, me like my mother love to release emotions through writing. My mum writes a lot of poetry and she is also the proof-reader behind pretty much everything I write – thanks mum, I love you so much.

So here is a piece my mum wrote when I lost my hair. I remember mum going home from work the day I shaved my head, she knew it was going to happen; yet it didn’t make it any easier. On that day she wasn’t coping and her daughter in her eyes wasn’t a thirty year old woman with two children, I was just mum’s baby girl who had always adorned long blonde hair… to my mum, this was heartbreaking and it made it real – it made it real for all my loved ones.

The ‘Balding’ 

I walked into her house

I was warned not to cry

She walked into the room

I was not feeling ‘high’

Her beautiful blonde hair

Was nowhere to be seen

Her bald head shone

With a beautiful sheen

Her smile put me at Ease

But my tears, they did fall

My beautiful daughter

Stood proud and tall

Chemo had robbed her

Of energy and now hair

With all of her pain

She simply stood there

So brave and glowing

With a courageous smile

Her admirable confidence

In her unique new style

My gorgeous daughter

Battling the cancer war

We hugged each other

When I walked out the door

That night I sobbed

Unrelenting tears fell

I prayed yet again

Please let her get well

– By Vicki Humbert

Mum, you are a beautiful and selfless woman who I absolutely adore as my mum, as my friend, as my rock. I love you.

Bec x


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  1. The bond between you is evident. It is truly a blessing to have such a close relationship between mothers and daughters.


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