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‘Breast’ Friends

I thought I would share the special bond I share with my friend Anna, my ‘breast’ friend.  I will introduce her in my video blog below, however, I just want to highlight a few things before you get watching.

Anna has had breast cancer twice and a rare mucoepidermoid carcinoma … Surviving three primary cancers and about to embark on further surgery next week, I just wanted to say, she’s pretty much Superwoman.

Anna was 35 years old when first diagnosed so we have a lot in common in terms of being young with children and facing all the challenges that come with Cancer.

Anna showed me that there was life after cancer in some of my darkest moments, she was my strength and my hope – we now provide that to each other.  We understand it first hand and that’s why a ‘breast friend’ is truly an amazing friendship to have – I’m very grateful.

Take a look below… at my second video blog I did with Anna.  Please grab a cuppa and watch til the end, we share some really important messages at the end of the video.  Enjoy (we had fun making it).  Bec x


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  2. Tania says

    Anna & Bec – Brave girls, big hearts, always smiling…..tears flowed watching this video reflecting on your struggles…such courage. xx


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