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Does your mind get along with your body?

I’ll start by saying this… I’ve (my mind) been quite the bitch to my body over the years.

Do you get along with your body?

Does your body get along with your mind?

In other words, do you have a healthy relationship with yourself?

Do you put yourself down? Do you wish you were different? Do you ever look in the mirror with disgust? Do you ever hate your reflection? Do you feel pain within? Have you ever felt disconnected and not at ease? Not balanced? Not happy with yourself?

I could answer yes to each and every question above. I HAVE answered yes to each and every question above (in the past)!

Last year, during what I call my ‘bad year’, which was post treatment, I became incredibly unbalanced and disconnected from myself. I was confused, I was suffering from post-traumatic distress and I had truly lost myself, and everything I once believed in, actually, I didn’t know what I believed in, I was in a vortex that made me feel like I no longer knew what to do, who I was, and more importantly… the bottom line… I didn’t love myself.

I felt like I was balancing on one foot through each and every day, waiting to fall over.

My mind was not getting along with my body – which inevitably created a painful imbalance within. I spent months just scraping though. On the surface I appeared fine, but deep down I experienced pain and a rift within.

I tried hard to attain balance once more… I meditated, I did yoga, I read a lot of books, I saw a psychologist I went to a retreat run by a woman who overcame her cancer and devotes her life to “Healing your Life” retreats. Quest for Life – by Petrea King.

You know what though, no matter how much information I absorbed or willed upon myself, I still didn’t find peace.

Tomorrow, I will share a diary entry where everything finally clicked (for me) and how I quite simply found a healthier relationship within.

So I’ll leave you with some questions to consider…

Does your mind and body get along?

Do you love yourself?

Are you balanced?

Are you missing the moments right in front of you simply because you are fighting with yourself?

Bec x


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