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It’s NO Pink Ribbon

Do you know what metastatic disease is?

It’s secondary cancer.

Do you know what secondary cancer is?

I’ve titled this ‘It’s no Pink Ribbon’ for a reason:


Because fighting cancer is no easy feat, it’s NOT pink and it’s NOT pretty. However, once you get beyond your battle, you can warm to the pink in terms of awareness and the money it generates for research, funding for breast care nurses etc. The pink ribbon movement is a very well recognised funding and awareness association (there are several ‘pink’ charities and organisations). The ‘Pink’ has almost made breast cancer seem “OK”?! It’s nearly created a naïve thought process that EVERYONE survives breast cancer… this is simply not true.


Because anyone with metastatic disease is facing “NO CURE” (imagine suffering from a cancer with no hope for a cure – just biding time, treading water, hoping and praying that a medical advancement will come through in time.


Metastatic breast cancer, or secondary cancer – also known as advanced breast cancer, secondary tumours, ‘secondaries’ or stage 4 breast cancer is a stage of breast cancer where the disease has spread to distant sites beyond the axillary lymph nodes (that’s your under arm area). There is no cure for metastatic breast cancer. There is no stage after stage IV.

Today is secondary breast cancer day and today I want to educate and get you to give thought to these woman (and men) who have unfortunately been given the news that all cancer sufferers are afraid to hear. It’s the dark cloud that hovers, it’s the uncertainty and it’s your worst nightmare.

So today, let’s give thought to those men and woman who are living their worst nightmare and lets pray that all the funding under the “Pink Ribbon” will indeed find an actual cure for cancer that has spread beyond the primary site.

Please do a favour for every single secondary cancer ‘Lifer’ (Lifer: another name for people living with metastatic disease) a favour and follow the link below to a quick three-minute YouTube clip, which clarifies this information. A beautiful woman has taken the time to educate people in a powerful way.


Today (and everyday) I give thought to the courageous women who get the dreaded secondary news and for all the inept comments they must receive due to a lack of education and understanding.

We can make a difference simply by educating ourselves for both those suffering and for those who have battled a primary cancer, yet live with constant fear.

It took a long time for me to come to terms with the fear of a ‘spread’ and I’ve worked very hard to process and find a place for that fear so it doesn’t haunt me every day, so it doesn’t debilitate my present moment.

To the “Lifers” I think of you and I give thought and prayer to you all – EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

If you know a “Lifer” check out this site Dream2live4.

I’ve had the privilege of attending and supporting this organisation. It was previously only associated with Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, however, due to the incredible work of their team, they earlier this year launched as a national organisation.

“Dreams2live4 helps make dreams come true for patients who are living with metastatic cancer. Our dreamers have had the devastating diagnosis of cancer, followed by the gut wrenching news that it has returned. Living with metastatic cancer can be an overwhelming and gruelling battle. Dreams2live4 empowers these patients to dream and find purpose again. It is the only program of its type in Australia. Each year we work with more than 100 patients and their families.” – Dreams2live4

“Our dreamers range from 17 to 97 years old, from all walks of life, with all types of cancer, and they all have their own unique dreams. We have had weddings, hot air ballooning, adventures to the reef and snow. Some dreamers ask to meet their idol. Other dreamers long to create lasting happy memories for those they leave behind in the form of family photographs, publishing their memoirs, getaways and family reunions. Or it could be as simple as having their hair done so the nurses see them at their best.” – Dreams2live4

If you would like to donate to Dreams2live4 and make a difference to those living with metastatic disease – you can do so HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to read this incredibly important blog.

Bec x


© Copyright 2016 becbraid

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