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Sunny Saturday

When you drive into Coolamon, you feel welcomed. I smile and marvel at how the Coolamon shire present themselves in terms of first impressions when entering their beautiful town.

Driving in through the main tree lined street, you are captured by the foreground of greenery against the background of blue skies. The tall and classic double-pendant street lighting, marks the center strip, adding character and capturing the ‘old world’, yet simultaneously integrating modern and immaculate town planning.

At the end of the beautiful trees, but before you reach the New Hotel, I spot the quaint little house on my right (next to the motel)– home to the newest store in Coolamon, a giftware store named ‘Lumela’… but first it’s time for coffee.

Proceeding along the main street, I make my first stop at Ajanta with my Mum in tow… we are having a girls morning.

Ajanta truly is a little gem – it’s raw and it’s tangled in vintage goodness. Our date scones and coffee are served up on English Royal Dalton and Gainsborough fine bone china. A cloth napkin too, how divine and ladylike – crisp white linen napkins, it’s quite the old world morning tea for two. It’s not just ‘coffee and cake’ here at Ajanta, it’s an experience, it’s a treat, and it’s the perfect thing to do on a sunny Saturday (plus, the COFFEE IS GOOD – very important).



Next stop… Lumela and I’m excited. I first saw this little gem in it’s ‘setting up’ stage when I visited Bec (owner of Lumela) who was working hard unpacking stock and bringing her vision to life. When we embark on a venture of any sort, one thing we need in order to make it happen is ‘belief’. We need belief in ourselves, belief in our vision and belief in our ability to make it happen. It takes hard work and perseverance.   Belief is the word that sits in our heart and compels us to chase whatever it is we feel passionate about. What a fitting word that is, because ‘Lumela’ actually means, “Believe”. I think the naming of this gift store is so beautiful and when Bec first explained this to me, I was hooked and I couldn’t wait to see it in all it’s glory.

Full from tea, coffee and scones, we head up to Lumela at 67 Cowabbie Street.



There’s a buzz of people and this brand new little gift store has brought the ‘little old house’ to life. I entered and immediately felt a sense of being in my Nanna’s house. Familiar and welcoming, it’s a space that makes you happy. Lumela is a multi-room wonder and whilst it sounds cliché, there really is something for everyone.


This little old home has been given renewed life… the sun beams through the original stain glass window set high toward the top of the detailed ceilings. An antique and raw appeal provides character of perfect imperfection, allowing the beauty of the giftware to speak against the humble canvas. It’s certainly a pearl of charm and ‘cute’.



I’m not going to list all the things you can buy, as you need to see for yourself, but Bec has certainly hand picked a bunch of goodies for us all to enjoy. Sensational gift-wrapping available and fresh blooms provided by Blooms and Wares, you won’t want to go home empty handed.

A few of my purchases have me set to enjoy a wine out on the grass in the sun without my glass falling over and a salad with my favourite poppy seed dressing. My kitchen is smelling and looking fabulous with my blooms and I’m set to keep the benches clean with my bio-degradable kitchen cloth.



Thank you Coolamon for my sunny Saturday morning well spent. Be sure to take a mini road trip if you’re based in Wagga Wagga like me. It was a beautiful morning. Plus, with Christmas quickly approaching (I know, I know, we’re still in October… BUT, it really will be upon us in no time) it’s a great excuse to head out there, enjoy a coffee and a little shop at the beautiful ‘Lumela’ (open from 10am Friday to Sunday each week).



Bec x


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  1. Jenny Williams says

    Looks great Bec. Coolamon is a lovely place to visit on the weekend. Just a short drive. Check out the new Cheese Factory too. Beaut when you have visitors staying.


  2. Bec McGowan says

    It was great to see you out in Coolamon Bec! Thankyou for the beautiful story on my new little venture. If you “believe” anything is possible. All the businesses in Coolamon should be proud – the little town is getting to be the place to be! xx


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