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Hair Diaries

When I had finished my treatment, the first thing I wanted to know, was how long it would take to grow my hair back.

How long until it covered my scalp?

How long until I could style it?

How long until I could colour it?

How long until I could pull it back into a ponytail?

How long until I could curl, straighten it etc.

I wasn’t sad when I lost my hair, I’d entered fight mode and I knew this was just part of the process. I was more worried about my loved ones, because hair loss provides that visual and stark reality that I was fighting cancer. I was worried for my beautiful girl who was eleven at the time and I was worried that I might scare my seventeen-month-old baby boy.

I cut a lot of my hair off before I lost it. I went to just below my shoulders, I look at this photo now and actually think it looks really long (compared to my hair now, yet at the time I thought it was so short).



Snipping my hair off before I lost it all.


Then when it started to fall out, it got messy… there was hair EVERYWHERE, on my pillow, around the house, in the drain of the shower… actually seeing the clumps of hair became a bit traumatic.

In a situation where you have little to no control, I decided to take the reigns and CHOOSE to shave my hair off. My wonderful hairdresser (Kathleen) shaved my head at her house. We had a beer (which tasted bloody awful post chemo), and clipped it off. I held my husband’s hand and Kathleen went to work.



The exact moment when my head was shaved.

This photo below is actually the first time I saw myself. I didn’t look in the mirror, I first went home to have a sleep because I was exhausted (I was only a couple of days post chemo so I was feeling pretty lousy). The first time I saw myself was here… taking a ‘selfie’ in bed.



Seeing myself with no hair for the first time.


So for this blog I mostly just wanted to share a short flipagram video of the process. My hair before, during and growing it back until this point.

I aim to share more detail around the process of growing your hair out another time. The reason I’m passionate about sharing those details, is because it was my most ‘Googled’ topic when I was waiting for my hair to come back. I wanted an indication of what it would look like at six months, twelve months, and two years later so I could at least have some form of realistic expectation. So I’ll get that info up at some stage because I had a lot of trouble finding such detail when I was searching for it.

In the mean time, enjoy my video below:  From long hair, to shorter hair, to no hair to now… a two year process.


Bec x


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