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Busy Having Fun!

I thought it was timely to take my own advice, after sharing three days of reality I knew I wanted to pick things up.

In saying that, I honestly believe that whilst I shared some difficult sentiments of facing cancer, I also highlighted just how important life is and why you should make the most of it… celebrate life and enjoy life.

So that’s why, my blog stops here today… I’m off to my first ever Melbourne races (Cox Plate) and I endeavour to soak it up and not worry about getting a blog up in time.  Whilst I know it would be entertaining for me to post a blog after a day of champagne, I won’t do that to you all.

So today… I’m busy having fun!

Happy Saturday everyone… you can see some pics of my day on Instagram (@becbraid).

Bec x

P.S. I have been receiving some beautiful and warm messages of support from likewise beautiful people.  I always write back to everyone, so bare with me getting back to you as I’m away this weekend and I want to enjoy being present rather on my phone or laptop the entire weekend.  Thank you to all who enjoy my blog, read and watch my blog – I truly appreciate it.  x

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