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One Life – The Blog in the Media

The month of October is breast cancer awareness month across all fundraising organisations such as the Cancer Council, Jane McGrath, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Pink Hope and the list goes on. In particular, the Cancer Council host pink ribbon day each year and the Riverina celebrated this day on Friday of last week. Nationally, pink ribbon day is tomorrow (24 October).

Last week I was both surprised and honoured, in being asked to comment on two media avenues. Firstly the beautiful Nicole Barlow approached me to do a personal story in light of pink ribbon day, she wrote a lovely piece in the Daily Advertiser and I felt extremely appreciative of the fact they found my blog beneficial in awareness, hence promoting it to other woman in the Riverina. I first met Nicole over twelve months ago when I was an ambassador for the Biggest Morning tea (see story here).


I felt extremely happy when Nicole and I were talking and reflecting on my life and what I’ve been up to since we chatted last time. Nicole commented, “I’m definitely talking to a different woman than last year”. I don’t think Nicole realised how uplifting it was to hear that. I have progressed in terms of personal development a lot since last year where I was struggling emotionally. You can read Nicole’s story here: Bec’s Survival Instinct (published in Friday’s Daily Advertiser).


I was then asked by gorgeous Bri a friend I met through my volunteering at the Cancer Council – to help with their (Cancer Council’s) news story to promote Pink Ribbon Day. You can watch the short video here. (Prime News)

I feel fortunate to participate in the media sharing my experience with cancer and in turn, lessoning isolation felt by woman who endure breast or gynecological cancers. I really appreciate the media wanting to promote my blog. I have since had other incredible woman find my website, who otherwise aren’t on social media, therefore, were not aware of it’s existence.

I’ve got one week of Blog-tober left and I have to say that I’m absolutely thrilled to have fast tracked a collection of information based on personal experiences to offer a balance to the medically scientific and statistical information already available. These scientific sites/information do not always answer our questions or give an emotional viewpoint. My aim throughout the month of October is to provide balanced information that can relate to all, not just Cancer fighters and survivors.

Thank you kindly for your support.

Bec x


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