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What about invisible illnesses?

What happens when you are unwell, but nobody knows? Nobody knows the pain behind closed doors, the perseverance shown despite things not being ok?

What if you were unwell and nobody ever really understood, in fact, a very small percentage of people you cross in your lifetime will ever truly ‘GET IT’?

What if you knew that you would battle this illness for the rest of your life? There is treatment, however, there is no cure?

What if one treatment caused another problem which lead to another treatment or procedure, and another problem… and it all just kept going round and round with no real long term solution?

What if you’re ‘good’ for a few months and then you’re not, but people say, ‘Why, what’s happening now”? Like there is a new issue, even though, this is a pattern that becomes your life.

Let me introduce you to my beautiful daughter Ellie and every other Crohns Disease or IBD fighter on the planet.


My beautiful girl Ellie and I.

My daughter has been through hell and back. She is polite, well mannered and will never tell you things are not good for her, she’ll smile politely and say, “I’m not too bad”, even though she lives with constant pain, medication, treatments and surgeries – AND frustration.

This month on my blog has focused on cancer; however, I think we owe it to our IBD fighters to acknowledge their battles also – this is also applicable for all the other invisible illnesses of the world. When I say IBD, I DO NOT mean IBS…. There is a definitive difference in the words ‘Irritable’ vs ‘Inflammatory’ and also ‘syndrome’ vs ‘disease’… please, don’t ever tell someone with IBD that you know what they’re going though because you have IBS…. I would take a few steps backward if you’re game enough to speak those words.

So this blog is about acknowledging others’ battles in life, whether it is health related or otherwise, we all face struggles and there is nothing we can do about a large majority of crap that comes out way (other than work hard on our mindset despite the challenges that present – our mind is our greatest asset of strength). I guess from this, what we should learn is to be kind to everyone.

An invisible illness is exactly that, so how do you know if someone is struggling?

You don’t!

Essentially, this is a message that we are all taught and are aware of, but how many people truly practice this type of kindness, understanding and refrain of judgement? How many people truly feel grateful when someone smiles at them despite that person’s pain? More often than not, people under sufferance, put a smile on their dial for the benefit of others.

Be kind, be patient and be a good human. Don’t do the wrong thing by others, don’t hurt others, and don’t judge others…

Learn to be selfless… whilst at times in life we need to be selfish and kind to ourselves, it’s equally important that it’s balanced with selflessness.


Just. Be. Kind.

I dedicate this blog to my beautiful girl who fights every single day of her life. Getting out the door in the morning for Ellie is with holding back pain and frustration, yet I can almost guarantee, she will always be smiling, always using her manners and being courteous of others… what excuse do we have to behave any differently?

I’m so proud of my courageous girl.


Bec x


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