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Time Out

Sometimes you need to know when to take a break…

Today is that time for me. This week I have been very busy with Ellie’s (my daughter) crohns disease flaring up, toing and froing from tests and liaising with her doctors to whether her treatment would proceed this week due to infection etc.

Today I didn’t have time to place the finishing touches on a blog.

I was busy with the kids all day and then chose to take them to afternoon tea instead of rushing home to study, prep dinner and polish a blog.

It got to after dinner and I thought SH*T I nearly forgot to blog. My remaining topics were too much to punch out prior to bed.

So… here I am typing in bed, very ready to fall asleep and recognising in myself that sometimes you just need to take a break. We all lead such busy lives these days, squashing in so many events and extra curricular activities, running our children around, organising and adhering to medical schedules that we forget to take a ‘time-out’.

So that’s it peeps, that’s my message tonight… be aware of when you need a break, need to say no to an event or invitation, need to have some down time, rest time, an early night, a break from work, some time to yourself or just some quality time with your family where you can focus on what really matters.

We are all busy, BUT WE CAN slow down, and WE SHOULD slow down from time to time.

Nighty Night.

Bec x

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  1. Today’s world is all about now! We want this “now”
    we live in such a material world, and worry about brands & what post code we have……when really what matters is here and now, that’s what we can make difference too! Not the past or the future…..just now 🙂

    Nighty night Xx


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