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Go Easy on Yourself.

I’m back after two days of ‘missing in action’… though I was not short of action with plenty to be done, places to attend, business to sort and a never ending list of things to organise.

With that being said, you can understand why my words needed to be put on hold whilst I was living life… And so, I granted myself a reprieve to get through a couple of busy days.

Let’s do a little re-cap and make up for day twenty-six, twenty-seven and the fabulous, ‘sunshiny’ day twenty-eight…

If you do nothing else but scroll to the bottom and read the section in Pink then you will gain the key message from this particular blog. Sending smiles and sunshine for your weekend ahead.  Also – my garden is blooming, I just LOVE this time of year.

In my shoes for a few spring days… I then went on to write precisely 492 words below, which I have omitted, because I didn’t think anyone would really need to know, nor would be interested in my movements over the past three days…. so I have deleted my ‘happenings’ of three days and continued my message below…


I think by bringing awareness to breast cancer and awareness of life after cancer it’s important to be real. Being real, means sometimes not delivering to the highest standard in which you had set for yourself, or giving yourself an extension to complete a particular task, or cancelling a meeting or event, due to the fact you feel snowed under. I hugely believe in eliminating undue stress wherever possible.

Stress blurs your vision, it takes you out of the present moment and if stress is ongoing, I truly believe it can make you unwell in terms of your health.

If you are not coping, or things are getting on top of you, it’s ok to take a break, or re-prioritise your list of ‘things to do’, or call on help or assistance from a friend.

It’s also ok to just say…. “It’s all just too much right now”.

My daughter has had a few rough weeks with her illness, and so this for me means a lot of medical management and liaising between our Sydney medical team and the Canberra team as well as local imaging services. It’s draining and anything medical related seems to make me anxious… so this week, I needed to focus on what was important and that meant the blog could wait. 

Be kind to yourself – we are all human.

Bec x


  1. Lycinda says

    I love so much of your writing Bec, but this, this was absolutely what I needed to read tonight. THANK YOU. Wishing your beautiful daughter all the very best. X


  2. Hi Lycinda,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’m so glad it spoke to you. Sometimes we just can’t manage it all, so there’s just no point beating ourselves up. We are better off surrendering to what really matters because everything else will still be waiting for us, however, when we are more equipped to deal with it. xx


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