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Can we have it all? All at the same time… All working harmoniously and simultaneously… All with equal prioritisation… All with equal attention and focus…

What am I talking about? The ‘all’ refers to all the different pieces, or facets of life, (the ‘slices of cake’).

Can we eat the whole cake? Should we eat the whole cake?

No… I don’t believe that would be healthy for us, both literally and metaphorically. Why? If we try and cram too many pieces or facets into our everyday world, we will overindulge, we will eventually feel sick and eventually it will all come unstuck.

Who struggles with balance? Work, kids, hobbies, ‘me’ time, relationship time, family time, study time, exercise, healthy eating, cooking, kids sport, extra curricular, chasing dreams, working on a project, working on yourself???

How do we get the balance right?

For me it’s piece-by-piece…

It’s imperfection and it’s a constant balance between learning and listening to myself, my intuition. If you feel torn between two facets of life and it leaves you feeling like shit, then something has to give.

Struggling, when it can be avoided is not worth the pain, the stress and to be honest, if you ever feel the struggle between too many facets of life or the strain in deciding how many pieces of cake you should have, perhaps it’s time to break it down and simplify things?

Often, we complicate things for ourselves without even realising, until of course we start to have a meltdown in the pantry because you’ve spilt a packet of penne pasta all over the ground… or more sadly when we realise that we’re not being present. Often, in each facet of life we become too busy and stressed about what’s next or how we are going to fit ‘the whole cake’ into one day.

Simplicity is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Life will always be busy and there will always be things waiting for us that require our attention, however, don’t allow life to drag you along, and make you feel like you’re only holding on by a thread. Take some control and enjoy each task or facet in that very moment (even if it is mundane or ‘chore like’ which you’d rather not do)… if you truly put yourself into each moment – then I can nearly guarantee that you will become more efficient and feel like life is moving at a more amicable speed.

Perhaps your head might stop spinning? Perhaps you might stop feeling guilty about what you ‘should’ be doing and instead know within yourself that you will eventually get to it, piece by piece.

Stop judging yourself harshly, stop being your own critic… I don’t know how many times I get cross at myself for things that are actually out of my control, or even worse, things that just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Today, I prioritised family and had the most divine day…

And speaking of cake… that’s my masterpiece in the featured image… My first baby turns fourteen on Monday, we are celebrating with family tomorrow, so today I got my bake on. It was fun… I didn’t feel pressured like I have in the past; I really, really enjoyed it.  If I felt pressured with making a cake, I simply wouldn’t make it, because it’s not worth the stress – I’d just head to Woolies. However, today I was in the mood and I wanted to have some fun (I love cooking).

“You can have your cake and eat it too – BUT remember – ONLY. ONE. PIECE. AT. A. TIME”

Bec x

 P.S.  I’ll leave you with a thought… If you were to hoover an entire cake, would you enjoy it?  Would you savour it the same way you would with one delicious slice?  By focusing on just one piece means you will relish in each bite, you will taste the different layers and salivate over the frosting… and when you’re ready for another piece you can do the same again, without the need to scoff the entire thing at once.  Life is the same… Just focus on one thing at a time and really relish in that moment.

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