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That’s A Wrap

Woweeee…. What a month and what an experience to write specifically about my life before, during and after breast cancer.

It certainly took me back in time that’s for sure and that in itself wasn’t always easy. Every time I completed an article I would find myself with mixed emotions…

Pure joy in celebrating how far I have come physically and mentally.

Fear because talking about it, refreshed the question of what if I suffer a recurrence?

Gratitude for the fact my words reached and touched so many people, I was incredibly moved by the kind, honest and grateful feedback I received.

Anxiety both from a little pressure on myself to write well and often, but mostly the emotions being felt all over again, leaving you with that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. When I wrote, my memories were felt vividly.

Bravery I respect myself so much more having reflected on what I went through and bravery in the fact that I shared really personal aspects of my life for the world to see, and that was a huge leap for me. Was it worth it? Absolutely, I have connected with so many and have given a voice to those who couldn’t express themselves and were clearly on the same page.

Confidence… I love to write and I always knew that, but the fact I could effectively translate my feelings into words – where other people could ‘feel’ through my writing – gives me confidence in my direction to continue pursuing what I love.

Peace Peace with where I’m at in my life and how I have progressed in terms of healing.  Most importantly, I feel peace within.

There were a few subjects I didn’t get to touch on as I ran out of time – Though I will endeavor to address those topics.

Life after Blog-tober????

It certainly doesn’t stop here – my writing will continue indefinitely as will my copywriting business. All of my ‘Blog-tober’ posts will be moved to the category of ‘Cancer Diaries’ (for future reference), in case you are looking for something or would like to share an article with a friend or loved one.

I will continue to not only raise awareness for young breast cancer but more broadly provide a healthy perspective on life, empower gratitude, and provoke thoughts of positive change…

“Think of my writing as food for the soul

Here are some beautiful comments/feedback that kept me going this past month, I am both humbled and absolutely ecstatic that my words had such an impact. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all who read my words and continue to do so.

“I love so much of your writing Bec, but this, this was absolutely what I needed to read tonight. THANK YOU. X”


“OMG you are so inspirational Bec. I wish I could have had all of your blogs and videos when my son was doing his chemo stint. Trying to stay positive for him and everyone else all I could do was lock myself away and cry. Every single day was such an effort to function. Thank you for being the push in the right direction to start building a life worth living out of the hell hole that has had me by my feet for so long.”


“You have no idea the impact your blogs have had… It’s like wow you went through that too really! So there is nothing wrong with me its ” normal ” to have the feelings I’ve had. You make me feel free if that makes sense??? I feel like I can face each day because I’m alright so a big THANKYOU X”

So there you have it, I set out for thirty-one blogs in thirty-one days all in aim of sharing the emotional and practical aspects of being diagnosed, going through treatment and life after cancer. Well… I achieved, twenty-nine out of thirty-one… approx. 94%… I’m pretty stoked with that.

This post HERE… links to every single article for the month of ‘Blog-tober’.

Final Housekeeping for Blog-tober:




Bec x

P.S. here’s a little flipagram to reflect…




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  1. Leanne rodd says

    Thank you for sharing Bec you are a true inspiration and thoroughly loved reading your blogs sometimes laughing and sometimes with tears always such a beautiful girl and wonderful mum xo


  2. Congratulations on achieving your goal of writing for blogtober! It was very informative and a rare insight into a cancer diagnosis. You should be very proud of yourself.


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