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Reconnecting with your Home

Why on earth do I feel like I’ve just returned from a holiday retreat?

I’ll tell you why… I am floating with blissful peace and inner harmony. I feel like I’m walking on clouds and my heart is beating half as fast as normal. I find myself smiling and feeling so unbelievably content. Moving from one job to the next between home-life, parenting, work and study, I am so calm, so light, so refreshed.

Where have I been? Nowhere (I didn’t actually go on a retreat – as much as I’d have loved that)! I’ve been home with nothing out of my ordinary routine, just another regular week you could say.


Life get’s extraordinarily busy, particular this time of year. I’ve been mentioning to my husband the past weeks that home doesn’t feel like home. I felt like it was a port for me to come and go, a ‘base’ not a ‘home’. Why? I allowed the busy-ness of life to start consuming me. When coming home, I’d dump things where they belong (sometimes not where they belong), do a load of washing, cook a meal, fold some washing, struggling to find the time to actually put it away. Dressing meant fetching my clothes from the folded piles. I’d let my pot plants look nearly dead before watering them, whilst our house was always clean, I felt like everything was getting on top of me. In my head, I had cupboards to sort, swapping winter and summer wardrobe over and chucking out clothes. Piled up random mail and paperwork that needed a home (it always gathers on my kitchen bench – the dumping zone) and it was driving me crazy. All of these unorganised ‘sections’ of my home, were not big jobs, not big at all, yet collectively it became overwhelming. I don’t often stress about things like that (not anymore), yet, the disconnection from my beautiful home was tugging at my heart.


I spent a whole day, not under obligation, but out of love and willingness, working from one end of the house to the next. I devoted my day to fluffing around, moving things about, putting items away, sorting and de-cluttering. There wasn’t really that much that needed doing in the grand scheme of things, yet, having a cup of tea between rooms, snuggles with my toddler and having lunch over a magazine, it ended up being the most perfect day. I burnt candles through the entire house, re-organised my laundry area to create a new system just to re-energise the monotony of the job that takes place in there (endless washing).   I fitted a new dooner cover to our main bedroom and moved things around. I picked fresh flowers from the garden, ‘vased’ them all up and scattered them through the house.

On that day, I re-connected to my home; I gave to ‘it’, what you need to give to any important relationship – time, love and energy. Given it was the start of the week too; it just set things right for a successful and harmonised week ahead.

When your ‘base’ is in working order, it allows you to truly feel at home, energised and connected. When my home is sorted, I happily stroll through it and just enjoy each little area. It calms me and I am less flustered.


As a result of transforming my house back to a home, I’ve had the most incredible week, which included:

  •  Getting back into my Grocery Game (CLICK HERE TO READ WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT)
  • I ate extremely healthily
  • I had zero alcohol (I’ve sworn off alcohol from Sunday-Thursday, even though I only have a glass of wine or a beer, it doesn’t do my menopause jelly belly any favours and with Christmas fast approaching, I needed some alcohol-free days between parties/celebrations)
  • I exercised a lot more than usual (I even got back to the gym – which felt AMAZING).
  • I caught up on study, got on top of my workload and I enjoyed every single minute of every single task – nothing felt difficult or forced.
  • I read – A LOT – I love to read as much as I love to write. I usually have a book or two, plus two to three magazines on the go at any one time; I just allocate them to different times of the day (i.e. I read my book before going to bed).
  • I meditated (I do every single day, but I gave more time to my practice this week)
  • I went to bed earlier, with candles every, single, night – plus relaxation music (bliss – I get so excited to hop into bed).
  • I rose earlier feeling rested and refreshed.
  • I was kinder to myself.

So there you have it, my ‘Home Retreat’ that set me up for the most divine of weeks. I aim to stick it out and keep on top of things so I can continue reaping the benefits and being connected to all that I do – after all, if you are not connected, therefore, not present – you don’t actually experience anything but the feeling of constantly chasing your tail.

The joy in which simplicity brings – cannot be underestimated.

Bec x

P.S. Why don’t you try to slow down and simplify an area of your life that is under your skin and holding you back?


© Copyright 2016 becbraid


  1. Belinda Piffero says

    I need to do this, between working long hours from home and the rush of Christmas and New Year, I am feeling like I am unable to relax.
    The first room to be tackled will be my bedroom, so I can retreat and recharge.
    Thanks Bec- all the best for 2017


    • It feels so good when you finally prioritise the time. Don’t worry I need to take a little time to find some order again after the crazy festive season too. All the best for a fabulous 2017 for you also x


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