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Introducing… ‘Enlighten’

The word ‘newsletter’ for me, resonates with the likes of school newsletters, and other compulsory platforms – basically, a newsletter doesn’t excite me.  They [newsletters] are informative of ‘must know’ dates and details in order to remain on top of things. The same can be said for ‘bulletins’. So when I was trying to name my ‘non’-newsletter, I decided that with my content and storytelling, I wanted to Enlighten my readers. Enlighten them by their own choice of whether they want to read my words [or not] – not because they might forget an important date like a pupil free day and accidentally send their child to school.

Other than ‘Blog-tober’, where I blogged daily for the entire month [in order to raise awareness for young breast cancer], I have blogged quite sporadically. This is fine with me; I don’t have a huge following that expects to hear from me five times a week […yet]. For me though, I like consistency, yet life doesn’t always allow for that.

By delivering a monthly e-magazine, I will be able to focus on collaborating content that fills my heart and provokes my train of thought [and yours too].

“When work and love collide,” I said… The birth of ‘Enlighten’ came from that statement.


“Words of my heart”

Code for my blog,  [‘One Life’ is my love + play element].

“Work of my passion”

Code for my business as a writer + copywriter, [the passion of the work that I do and the clients of whom I get to work with].

By creating a collision between work and play, will allow me to share enlightening content.  From blogs to projects I’m working on and everything in between… called ‘life’.

Enlighten will contain any of the following…

O.K. I originally had a list of everything you can expect, but then I re-considered… I guess you’ll have to wait and see!


It’s a surprise…

As it’s always been at, the same goes for ‘Enlighten’ – My ultimate mission is to provide a healthy perspective on life, empower gratitude, raise awareness for young breast cancer and provoke thoughts of positive change.

PLUS whatever else my mind divulges at the time… after all – life should be flexible.

Don’t forget to sign up HERE

Enlighten E-magazine | Issuing the perfect excuse to ‘take 5’

BB x

P.S. Enlighten will evolve over time in its formatting and delivery… I hope you can subscribe and enjoy the ride with me.

ENLIGHTEN – Issue no.1 out soon…

© Copyright 2016 becbraid


  1. Leah Butt says

    Hey Hun just wondering do you help people Do up resumes? Someone mentioned you may and I need one but don’t know where to start as I haven’t needed one for so long. Hope alls fab and you had a lovely Christmas and New Years xx
    Sent from my iPhone

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  2. Lycinda S says

    I have just printed the 3rd addition and just skimming over it makes me so excited to sit down with a cuppa over the weekend and ENJOY – LOVE IT!! THANK YOU!!


    • Oh God love you… I LOVE that you enjoy my e-magazine so much. Always offering such kind feedback, I really appreciate it. Inbox me your real address, I’ll send you three printed magazine copies of all the editions. xxx


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