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Meet the Mindful Warrior

Anna is the creator and director of ‘Mindful Warrior’ a business that brings a series of mindfulness classes and workshops to our children. When you meet Anna, you will be filled with the presence of kind energy, genuine care and a deep appreciation – for all she represents and all she is capable of giving to our children, in a world that sometimes lacks the appreciation for such art [mindfulness], inner strength, self love and self belief.


Anna Gannon – Founder ‘The Mindful Warrior’

Anna’s classes include, meditation, yoga, Mindful drumming, Mindful colouring as well as Family Mindfulness sessions… Mindful brilliance if you ask me.

So, what happens when you step inside the world of a Mindful Warrior class?

I had the privilege of experiencing a Mindful Warrior Drumming class, which was held in the school holidays. Feel the magic that Anna creates for our children. 

Step inside… Mindful Drumming

Children creep in slowly… they find a place on a brightly coloured cushion and exercise patience in leaving their drum until class starts. There is excitement; there is hesitation and anticipation. The children look at the Djembe (drum) longingly; they cannot wait to get started.

Awakening the senses, it begins with everyone closing their eyes as they focus, they focus on themselves, everyone turns inwards to enjoy a sense of calm and stillness, a sense of knowing and a teaching of the still and quiet.

It sets the scene to embark on the power of the beat…

There is no TV,

There are no cartoons,

There is no Play Station, no Xbox…

There was focus,

There was stillness,

There was willingness.

The sound of the Djembe’s… the power of the beat… brings unity to the group.

Electrifying smiles, glimmer in their eyes, there’s magic within this space.

Through Anna’s guidance, mindful drumming creates Warrior Drummers…

Anna holds their attention and nurtures conversations about feelings. The children demonstrate an empowerment and share stories of feeling, and all kinds of emotions. All the children engage and relate to one another, realising they are not alone; this brings a sense of comfort and gentle smiles around the room.


Back on the Djembe’s (pronounced ‘jem-bays’) they ‘rumble’ the drums… electrifying the room, empowering freedom to release and feeling the sounds from within.

The contrast of loud drumming and the tranquillity of stillness, generate two unique mind spaces. Often we experience life as ‘fast paced’ living. For the children to truly feel the quiet within, prior to transitioning into the loud and powerful drumming is a gift. A gift of learning how you can still be calm and centred, even when life gets loud and noisy.

The genuine joy and awe of the Mindful Warriors (drummers) could be felt throughout the space like positive electricity and energy.

The circle of warriors were engaged and inspired by Anna – she speaks a language they understand, a language that intrigues them, a language that nurtures and uplifts.

I witnessed an awakening of ‘shyness’ into confidence.

Eyes lighting up to see their parents arrive so they can show off what they’ve learnt.

Finishing on a high, a huge group ‘rumble’ on the Djembe produce the grand ‘finale’… A sense of achievement felt within each and every Mindful Warrior.

With a grin from ear to ear, the proud energy emerges like a butterfly.

Do yourself a favour and check out what Mindful Warrior has to offer.

FB @mindfulwarriorempowerment

Instagram @mindfulwarrioraustralia

Phone 0412 533 171

BB x

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