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Packing Away the Silly Season

[Originally published in ENLIGHTEN – ISSUE NO. 2]

You know when you realise enough is enough… when you’ve felt it for a long time, yet you seem to grant yourself permission to continue to defy what is important. You talk yourself around to avoid guilt, and you inevitably continue to sabotage yourself… Why? Because, “Heck, you deserve to have fun.” Right? [… well at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself… just one more drink, just one more piece of cheese].

When the ‘fun’, the ‘silly season’ and the ‘summer lovin’ indulgence flows well and truly into the New Year, you begin to feel sluggish. Let me tell you what I’m talkin’ about (my mum and I had some fun and made a poem)…

‘ tis the season

To be jolly

French champagne  

And Christmas holly

Chocolate and cocktails

Celebrating with friends…

No time for thoughts  


Festivities continue…

With delicious food,

This keeps us all In a festive mood!  

Perhaps it’s because I’ve not yet packed down my Christmas tree… all the other decorations are packed back into boxes, yet, the Christmas tree remains… I need to get my act together (in more ways than one).  [AFTER NOTE: MY XMAS TREE IS NOW AWAY – THANK GOODNESS]

I’ve lost all motivation, every single shred.  If I start the week right, it’s wrong by Thursday.  If it’s wrong by Tuesday, it can wait until next Monday.  Exercise crazy one week, then nothing for the next three weeks.  Consistency is key, and it’s the one thing I’m lacking…


Motivation. Commitment. Discipline. Strength.


Silly Season


Energy. Self Love. Endorphins. Happiness. Routine. Balance.


Now… I don’t believe in exercising purely to look great. No, that philosophy went out the window when my 20’s did.

Yet… I do believe regular exercise combined with nurturing and cleansing food can create a better feeling and love for oneself and it is felt deeply within. I exercise for mental health; I eat well because I respect my life and my body.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love the silly season as much as the next person, however, when you start to reap the ‘rewards’ (the bulge) of the said silly season, you begin to feel a little blah…

I want vitality back in my life, I want to feel alive and strong and motivated. I want to bounce out of bed in the morning and I DO NOT want to feel sluggish anymore.

Do you feel the same? Has your silly season taken you from late November to March???

Do you want to regain your zest, your fire and start operating on all cylinders once more? Firing cylinders that make you feel strong and empowered?

I know I do… but who is going to keep me accountable? And… Who is going to keep YOU accountable?

What if there was an accountability club? A Support System?

I like to mix it up (exercise routine) whilst simultaneously having a structure that is achievable.

I’ve never been a morning exerciser, yet, this year, I want that to change.  I want to exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Who would like to join my accountability club?

Perhaps we have a FB page where we can log our workouts, simply by commenting about what we did. Others logging their workouts/exercise will ultimately serve as encouragement and motivation for ourselves to do the same thing. We can offer each other support and share experiences of a great yoga studio, gym class or a walking trail they enjoyed.

If you’re in… if you like the sound of having support and more importantly, the feeling of accountability then shoot me an email (or comment below or on FB), and I’ll get something up and running.

We owe it to ourselves to move it or lose it – and remember I’m not talking about weight loss or image (that is simply a by-product), I’m talking about feeling great from the inside out, respecting and loving ourselves… giving to ourselves.

BB x


  1. Karen O'Shea says

    Yes please Bec count me in for accountability group. Thanks for your reply to my feedback, I hope lots of others get on board with this. Karen O’Shea x


    • Thanks Karen. Feeling accomplished this morning. I chose to get down stairs to my office (my space) and do a weights workout. Only did it for 30 mins but It wrecked me (in a good way). I think I need more strength training than cardio. The effect of breast cancer, chemo and early menopause for me has seen me lose so much lean muscle. Time to feel strong and healthy again. Bec x


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