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Do You Struggle to Stay on Track?


Do you need a little girl power?  A little inspiration to get you moving?  Keep you moving?  Or, do you need someone who is cooking a deliciously nutritious meal to post a picture so at that very moment, you decide that you might hit the kitchen and reach for the fresh ingredients instead of ordering pizza?

I realised that I was relying on myself to get me going!  Promising myself things that I was not delivering on… Starting the week brilliantly and then failing miserably – with NO accountability.  Sure I get disappointed in myself, but then I might pat myself on the back, say “It’s ok, there’s always next week” [as I eat my second mint slice and a cup of coffee before bed]… coffee before bed… #notsmart

What if instead of hitting the choccy biscuits, I reach out and chat to my ‘Accountability Club’ so that I can find some inspiration and strength to have another go instead of wallowing in self defeat.  You never know, there might be someone else sitting with a choccy biscuit and then you decide that you’ll meet up and walk the lake tomorrow??  


I must stress that needing accountability for myself is not focused on weight loss – it’s because I want to feel amazing, energised and strong.  I want to feel confident and proud of myself because I choose to look after myself on a consistent basis.

After I posted this blog and also published the same article a few weeks ago in Enlighten E-Magazine here, I had other like minded woman contact me with interest about this ‘Accountability Group’.

The group has now launched and here is the description:

“This group came about when I personally felt like I needed some accountability. So that I could stop breaking promises to myself. I got sick of going in circles to find constant motivation and support (because right now, I don’t attend any form of group fitness – it’s just me working out with me, to fit into our busy life). Oh except yoga, I do group yoga classes.

In writing my blog and my e-magazine ‘Enlighten’ I suggested an accountability forum which would ultimately be a supportive community of like-minded woman.

I personally want a little team of people so that we can all gently guide one another to stay on track for a healthier lifestyle.

Why? The ultimate goal for me when it comes to exercise and nutrition is because I want to feel strong, energised, healthy and confident.

It IS NOT simply to lose weight – it’s a life choice and a ‘feeling’ of good health.

It’s important to note that it is not an advisory group. It’s a place where we can share, encourage and motivate each other to keep moving and keep fuelling our bodies with nurturing goodness.

Each day, feel free to share what exercise you managed to get done, or a beautiful recipe that you loved… whatever relates to a healthy lifestyle.

Think… links to youtube at home training sessions, a great book, recipes, a great local yoga studio, a guided meditation or a group fitness class that you enjoyed.

It’s a place to support, encourage and inspire one another.

For me, I’m constantly inspired by other woman doing amazing things, so I’m hoping this supportive community can help us all embrace our inner beauty and power to be exactly who we are – confidently.

Self Love.

Welcome aboard. Whilst I’ve created this group, it is an all inclusive setting where anyone and everyone is encouraged to contribute and lead any posts you think are relevant.”

So if you think you’d like to join a support group to keep you on track, accepting the human element of imperfection and embrace the fact that we are simply trying to get the best out of ourselves whilst simultaneously bringing out the best in one another – then jump on board, I’d love to have you.


Here’s the link: Accountability Club or simply comment below (or on the FB thread) and I will add you.

BB x

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