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How awesome is gratitude…

Often, in today’s society we are quick to judge, we are quick to critisise and often, we don’t stop to appreciate the good things people do.

I just recently sent one of my counselling educators an email containing some positive gratitude. They spend soooooo long providing feedback about assignments or answering questions etc. And when I get a really engaging teacher, a teacher I can truly learn from and be guided by, it makes my study experience so much more enriching (particularly with online study). They also stand out like a light bulb as a ‘favourite’ teacher. I felt grateful and so I thanked her. Yes, she’s employed to do so, yes, she gets paid to do so… but this attitude just stirs the pot on too much ‘entitlement’ (in my opinion). She was genuinely so appreciative saying she vary rarely receives feedback… so a few minutes of my time brightened her day and probably created a smile within that made all her hard work worthwhile. It may have re-fulfilled her ‘purpose cup’ and reassured her of her work and the value that she provides to others.

Then today… I feel so lucky and appreciated. Lucky because I’m working and doing what I love, and appreciated because some beautiful people took the time to simply say thanks.

Coincidentally, I received two thank you cards today:

  1. Brunslea Park – Sam + Madds

In the past month, I’ve teamed up with Brunslea Park – they have welcomed me into their team for various projects over the coming few months. We are collaborating and joining heads to bring more value, connection and strategy to the Brunslea Park community through the services that I provide at becbraid Copywriting. [Read more about my services].

Sam and I met today for another creative content meeting and upon arriving there was a card (and an amazing Bliss Ball – FYI Sam makes THE best Bliss Balls).

The card made my day. I worked really hard on my holiday and at times I sacrificed family time as I had myself pretty thinly spread between work, study, family and the holiday itself. Even though this was my choice and dedication that I wanted to demonstrate for my new client, it was so amazing to receive thanks and acknowledgement from them. I felt immediately valued and was welcomed into their tribe. A small gesture with a big result!

P.S. anyone in their first year of business will understand the sacrifices you make and the family juggle that is inevitable in the start up phase. 

  1. Cancer Council Head Office – Cancer Connect Team

Since 2015 I’ve been a Cancer Council Volunteer (firstly in our local office), and in 2016 I became a Cancer Connect Peer Support Leader after completing training in Sydney – you can read more about this service here: http://www.cancer.org.au/about-cancer/patient-support/cancer-connect.html I speak to other cancer fighters/survivors in their time of despair or questioning. Its highly moving work, at times can be difficult, but I do so because I know how desperate I was to talk to someone when I was diagnosed and afterwards in tying times. Today, I received a thank you note in light of it being ‘Volunteers Week’.

How incredible it is to both give and receive gratitude? How important it is to practice gratitude, whether by gratitude journal or simply saying quietly in your mind how grateful you are for the little moments of magic in every day life!

Do you practice gratitude?

Do you offer gratitude to others?

As I mentioned in the introduction, all too often people are quick to jump on negative feedback or criticism – why don’t we try to give more energy to the great things people do!

Bec x

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