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What’s Your Grocery Game?

Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly?

Do you enjoy Grocery shopping? [Me: “Hell No”].

In my ‘Single Mumma’ days, I was paid fortnightly, so I shopped fortnightly.

When Hubby and I moved in together, we lived in central which meant we just went daily, we’d take in turns and get whatever we needed on demand. Mind you, neither of us would ever walk away from our daily shops spending any less than one ‘Pineapple’ ($50).

I’ve also tried weekly shopping, online shopping, online/pick up. I’ve had routines that have worked and others where we spent way too much [i.e. choosing extra things we didn’t need and weren’t on the list] or, having a huge amount of wastage and filling a big garbage bag full of veggies we didn’t end up using [wastage is a pet hate of mine].

The verdict… I’m going to share with you, ‘My Grocery Game’ – Tips and tricks where I have had the greatest success. I’m not just talking about saving money and minimising wastage, I’m talking about the ‘practicality’. What suits our family and my weekly routine strategically so I can set and forget and focus on other less mundane activities. Let’s face it, grocery shopping is a bore, I dislike everything about it, from rush hour and trying to get a park and then the loading, unloading and unpacking… repeat. Thankfully I’ve found my grocery niche, my ‘grocery game.’

Fresh Fruit and Veg

[I’m laughing, because I’m writing about groceries, so many giggles on my own right now… groceries?! Really, haha!? So practical, though… right? I’m always keen to get other ideas on what could make this a more enjoyable process].

This is my Monday to Sunday basic routine when it comes to food, cooking, shopping and planning, which are all easy tips to implement.


  • I meal plan for Tuesday – Friday and do an online order (for pick up on Tuesday morning). So I’m only planning four meals which is easier than seven or fourteen, right!
  • Dinner: we get chicken and chips (it’s a childhood legacy from Hubby’s upbringing + it’s a night off cooking for me + more importantly…. Delicious!) #naughtybutnice
  • Clean out the fridge in preparation for tomorrow’s pick up


  • pick up the groceries from Woolies. I absolutely love the pick up option… why? I’m not waiting around for a 3-4 hour window wondering when the delivery will arrive. Pick up is more flexible and it’s easy-‘peasy’.
  • sort my groceries into Pantry, Fridge and Freezer sections and give the fridge a wipe out before packing away.
  • Whilst unpacking I cook a soup, its easy and low maintenance and can do this whilst multi-tasking. The result= my lunch sorted + plus freezer portions.

Pumpkin + Chickpea soup

  • I also make healthy snacks – this week I made Strawberry and Rhubarb Spelt muffins (trust me, we have plenty of the packaged variety snacks in our pantry, so for me I need to prepare a few fresh treats) 
  • I cut celery and carrot so that when the kids and I get hungry it’s ready to dip into some hummus. When I’m really hungry and nothing is prepared I will always choose the unhealthy option, so preparation is key for my will power.Food Prep
  • cut up anything too big for my crisper, this also means I’m more likely to use it if it’s semi-prepped and ready to go.
  • Freeze any meat that’s not needed for a few days.

Wednesday + Thursday

Enjoy your days, knowing you don’t have to think about what to have for dinner nor do you have to go to the supermarket… yay!

Friday + Saturday

  • We sometimes have takeaway either Friday or Saturday night, so if we get take away on Friday, I just move Friday’s meal to Saturday or vice versa.
  • By this stage we generally do just a little top up shop of milk/bread and any other essentials we need for over the weekend (bacon and eggs for a Sunday brunch etc).


  • My favourite… I call this ‘Masterchef’ challenge night. It’s when I invent a meal purely out of whatever I have in the house. There might be leftover veggies, frozen meat… anything. I always have the basics stocked, like pasta, rice, Quinoa etc so it’s a matter of being creative and I love this (a good chance to use up what would otherwise be thrown away the next day). I’ll be honest though, sometimes its eggs on toast.   Other times, I will prepare a ‘Sunday Roast’ or a slow cooker dish.

Grocery List Tip: We have been doing this successfully for years now. I use a Kikki.K Shopping List, I feel like we’ve been through about twenty of them. It lives on our kitchen bench. Basically the minute we run out of something it goes on the list (everyone except my toddler does this, it’s a rule). For all of our essentials I have back ups, so we never run out. It’s also great for hungry teenagers that whine about what’s available. I say to my teenage daughter “If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t get bought”. The benefit of this, is that besides meal planning, my list is always ready to go for whoever is popping to the shops. I don’t have to search for what we ran out of or figure out what we need. It takes care of itself.

Meal planning is something I love, because I have a huge passion for cooking. I’ll write a separate post all about this.

What’s your ‘Grocery Game’, what works for you, do you have any tips? Sharing little life hacks and hearing others makes me so happy. I’m like “wow, why did I never think of that… I’m SO GOING TO DO THAT NOW”! Etc.

I hope you’re all having a fantabulous week.

Bec x

P.S. Go through your pantry and chuck out whatever you don’t need. De-cluttering the kitchen cupboards or pantry is a nightmare, but the therapeutic effect when it’s done is ‘soooooooooo’ worth it!

P.P.S. My husband on the other hand loves to do groceries and likes ticking things off the list. I despise a big grocery shop as I’ve mentioned, however, from time to time when I’m not in a rush, I do like to browse the aisles and see what’s new. It’s these kind of trips that I buy a lot of what I don’t need (but it’s fun).


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