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There is Change Blowing in the Breeze

Change, adventure and growth are imminent and I am wide open, ready, trusting and living.

It feels like a slow, deep and appreciated sigh… one which offers release via exhaling. And with the next breath in, it is bursting full of energy, inspiration and I can’t help but smile.

I feel it tingle and raise the hairs on my arms with a hint of goose bumps – it’s a deep sense within, creating an outer release, feelings of excitement, exhilarated fear and fresh wisdom all at the same time.

New adventures can begin at any time, in any place, provided our eyes are open, our heart is accepting and our mind freely allows change without sabotage of overthinking patterns, which can be detrimental to growth.

When you think about it, life is one huge adventure, because it is a series of decisions, actions and plans that lead to micro and macro change based on which path you choose at any given crossroad.

Big (bigger than usual) adventures come every so often. Sometimes positively via actions or intentions of seeking or working towards great things… And then there are the adventures of which come that are out of our control; these life events or happenings beyond control are often seen as facing some form of adversity.

My family and I are on the brink of one of those ‘big’ adventures in life and this time, it is one of choosing (unlike cancer). It comes out of great consideration as it affects all of us as individuals and collectively as a family.

The empowerment that comes with such a huge life change is one of happiness, necessity to enable further or continued exploration of life, and one, which brings an eerie and overwhelming sense of peace.

In less than a week we are moving interstate and embarking on a completely new adventure…

There is change blowing in the breeze and I am ready! Ready to embrace this new space that has opened in our life and collectively as a family, nurture one another through the adjustment. As we ride this exciting AND scary AND awesome AND unknown adventure… it has opened a different phase that enhances our adventurous spirit to live life to its fullest.  Embracing with an open heart and truly appreciating the exploration  ahead, through our one and only precious life that we are so very grateful for.

Watch this space as I share through the journey of change and adjustment…

B x


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