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Eating Happiness

You know those moments when you feel so happy that you could burst?

How do you fill your soul – so that pure joy radiates like a smile through your whole being?

I experienced one of those soul-fulfilling moments yesterday and it reminded me how simply and easily I can fill my soul with a warm glow (if I allow it). That pure ecstatic feeling where you can simply smile at the most random of moments? Because your heart is full!

Observing George (my Mr five) aka ‘Observing the magic’:

The magic in his eyes, the innocence, the pure and uninterrupted joy, the energy and fulfilment without the need for anything more!

The cheekiness, the candidness and the natural air of enjoyment… he has an effortless being of happiness, which radiates as a warm and loving glow all around him, which then lovingly extends to myself – I feel his magic!

The laughter, THAT uninhibited laughter – you want to bottle as medicine! A medicine for when we ourselves want to exude that flamboyant zest and passion for life.

He smiles, I smile… he cries, I cry… there is something about this age… The age of innocence – before the world has had a chance to inflict its complexities!

He burps, he laughs – I laugh and that laugher is TOTALLY and UTTERLY infectious… I could squeeze him forever and watch his happy ways.


I could eat his happiness! And I do…

How do you fill your soul – so that pure joy radiates like a smile through your whole being?

For me… I keep it simple – I need moments of stillness and moments of absolute presence. Now listen up all of you multi-tasking super heroes, super Mummas and all round busy people…. Sometimes, we can’t do it all! In order to truly absorb any form of magic in life, presence is required, which means focusing on JUST ONE thing at a time.

Yesterday observing my gorgeous son, was what inspired me to write this… I was sitting in the car after I’d picked George up from Kindy and had about twenty minutes to wait for Ellie to finish school. I had plans of replying to emails, picking up voicemails and getting on top of communications etc. George was full of boundless energy and had this extra pizazz about him… I had a choice:

a) tell him to sit quietly while ‘mummy’ does a few jobs; or

b) forget the jobs for twenty or so minutes and engage play with my son.

I chose option ‘b’ and let’s face it – those of you reading this, let’s acknowledge that we don’t always (naturally) choose that option.

That twenty minutes of play, was a crucial foundation.  Those moments of play created a setting for the most relaxed and easy flowing evening. It was magic continued: I cooked, cleaned, washed, prepared for the next day – you know just the normal stuff – but I did it with ease and grace (and no yelling). The kids had more fun and were super chilled because I had too passed on my own piece of magic (chilled out Mumma). We all contribute to the moods and energy of others and we have a choice of whether that will be good or bad energy.

George had a gift to give and I openly received. Are you taking the time to solely focus on the present so you can be gifted something wonderful?

I know not everyone has a five year old, or any children for that matter, this was merely an example of how stopping, shutting down all the open tabs in my mind and truly just stopping – appreciating – and being… Your magic will come too. I can get a sense of calm and inner happiness simply by watching a tree blow in the breeze, watching all the branches bend and move with fluidity.  Or stopping just to hear my own breath.

So a big thank you to my gorgeous boy for pulling me momentarily out of my own ‘trance of life’ and inspiring this piece – my soul is still glowing.

All we have is now – choose to eat more happiness.

Bec x


  1. Karen O'Shea says

    Thanks Bec for once again sharing your wonderful gift. You are such an inspiring woman. These blogs, are written from your heart and are so powerful, we can all relate to them. Hope all is going to plan since your move. Extending you much love and happiness, Karen xxx


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