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Full Moon Energy

Washing away the last of what no longer serves me amongst the remaining full moon energy in the beach today. There’s nothing quite like a swim in the ocean to cleanse and heal.

Did you know the energy of the full moon begins a couple of days before and lasts for a couple of days after? Which means you have plenty of time to hone in and make the most of it. During this time, I choose to become aware and enlightened to what is blocking me from being me, mindfulness of this makes it easier to release, set free and let go…

I ask myself (and you should too) – what is weighing me down? What makes my tummy churn? What is misaligned with what I am trying to achieve? What is in the way? What qualities or actions or self-talk within myself is holding me back? What myths do I need to squash? What unhealthy habits are keeping me from a higher clarity?

You might even like to write a list of all the things you don’t wish to carry forward – you may keep as a reminder to yourself, or instead you could burn the list to symbolise the new beginning that a full moon gifts to us and the facets of our life that we choose to set free.

Each moon cycle offers me the opportunity if I truly tune in to the timings and energy forces, where I choose to shed, refine and adjust or re-align my sights on the direction of my choosing. If you move with the energy instead of against it, then you will reap the benefits of a life in flow – a life, which moves with grace and fluidity. I no longer leave room for forced actions or unnatural participation in life. I think after I was forced to confront the possibility of premature mortality (after my diagnosis of a life threatening disease – cancer), it allowed me the clarity to stop showing up half-heartedly. It also gave me a backbone, which I’d probably lacked up until that point in my life.

A side note with regard to cancer and for anyone out there currently fighting, or for the survivors (or if you are someone facing grave fears right now) – the fears of mortality don’t dissipate completely, I used to really struggle when the fear would bubble to the surface and drop me to my knees – it’s so indescribably painful and confronting… I have however, learnt to re-channel that fear so that the heightened energy can be instilled into something great. I allow my fear to be what it is, REAL. I let it take my breath away, I let the tears flow and I allow in that moment to let myself be terrified. I then breathe it right into my soul and use it to propel me further and further forward. It generally takes me to the most beautiful place of gratitude.

We can’t be switched on and running at 100% – 24/7… I think it’s a common misconception and destructive self-belief if that’s the kind of pressure we have on ourselves, or worse, if we allow others to expect that of us. There is no longer room in my life for perfection. Perfection doesn’t allow for the natural ebbs and flows of life. The sooner you can welcome gentle self-kindness, a little chaos, imperfection and uninhibited quirkiness into your world, the better! You may surprise yourself in how light you will feel and you may even rekindle that special relationship with yourself.

I’ve been consciously shedding and refining and openly learning for most of my adult life. I’ve learnt to let my intuition guide me, and through each major life event that I’ve lived through – has gifted me distinct outcomes and beliefs. My hurdles have paved a life of greater clarity time and time again!

So it’s not just the full moon energy in which I write about. It’s tapping into exactly where you’re at (your own energy), and what you need! Seek intuitively which direction you will head and what you will do for yourself to get there?

I know I’m about to give myself a little break over these school holidays to let be and move more slowly while the kids are off school and out of routine – I LOVE a good break from routine.

Bec x

Next Blog preview…

I was born to a hippy mother and I am grateful for my early adoption of things a little less mainstream – I love how open life is now and how people openly share and connect with others, based on new findings or sharing what works for them. This generous sharing allows us all the opportunity to connect deeper with our own light and what it is that we feel we are on earth to achieve.

My childhood home smelt of essential oils (and still does), combined with incense. There was always a crystal under my pillow (as there is for my children now) and I cherished my worry dolls and hippy store journals. We had organic sprouts growing on our kitchen bench, filtered water, natural everything (I envied the junk food my friends had in their lunch boxes) and wind chimes around the house (just to name a few of Mum’s quirky ways).

I don’t however, remember following moon cycles as a child (surprisingly) – I mean, I think everyone’s drawn to a full moon, (and my first-born baby was born on Halloween). I guess this has been a topic slowly gaining my attention and intrigue – and more specifically adopted in recent times since my womanly status changed from a thirty-three year old deep in menopause to being gifted the ability to come back to my true female age. Living through menopause made me feel much older, it was against my will and certainly not expected just after my thirtieth birthday… I struggled, I craved my old self, the younger version of me, the pre-cancer me and I hated everything about the loss of my fertile youth. And so when my cycle returned – things were different, they were evolving and I was being re-born as a young woman.

[As a side note, allowing myself the opportunity to come back to my fertile youth was not without difficulty or controversial decisions and conversations with my oncology team].

Stay tuned as I share how I’ve reconnected with myself and how I have found the moon amongst many other practices to not only help me as I regulated back to my true female age, but also for my menopausal and post menopausal buddies – for I now know life on both sides of the fence and the struggles with both, physically and emotionally.

To be continued…

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