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Breast Cancer… AGAIN!

This video diary was unplanned and somewhat just happened.  In a split second I felt compelled to talk (and I was alone) so I chose to record myself.  I didn’t have a plan of what to say or whether there would be a theme of any sort, I think sometimes you just (well, me as a writer does anyway) have this overwhelming need to get an idea or a passing thought down on paper.  I love journalling and this is exactly that.  It’s not exciting, its just real – it’s me talking candidly about my new diagnosis and how I’m coping with it.  This video diary in the very moment of recording (Friday 29th July 2018 at 6.02pm), made me feel less alone and less inside my own head – it was extremely therapeutic.


Big ideas for blogs, for my book, or just in general come to me all the time, yet sometimes through the formality of writing and structuring, it can become too edited, too perfected.  In this video blog… it’s just me processing one thought at a time.  It’s real.  It’s me.


I’ve had all kinds of trouble uploading this file (hence the poor quality) by trying to make it smaller etc… so next time, I think I may just ‘Inta Live’!  I’ve never done that before (eeeek a bit scary – but so is cancer – so I reckon I could give it a go).  I think as I approach my surgery, face my fears and try and remain somewhat calm in a distressing time in my life, this will be good for me to come back to when I need to find rational balance.

All we have is now… One life… Live it!

Bec x


  1. Mel says

    Hi Bec. Very brave and extremely sad at the same time. Thinking of you always. Xxx


  2. ❤️ I’m grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity along my path to know you, your radiant smile always shows through Bec. Everyday since we first met, every time we cross paths it’s always there. You’re so open and honest and willing to share and your words always resonate. Somehow even in your moments of grief and torment, you are still sharing so much love and wanting us all to see how lucky we are to have life to embrace. Thanks for sharing again, you’re truly a special person. xx


  3. Brooke says

    Loved listening to you Bec! Thank you for sharing 🙏You amaze me with your strength and honesty. Thinking of you 🖤


  4. Amanda says

    Hi Bec,
    WOW very brave and very poweful.
    Mel shared with me a couple of days ago, thinking of you.
    Lots of love to you all.
    Mands Graham xxx


  5. Tania says

    Hi Bec. Thanks for sharing, a very good message for us all and you did a beautiful job with the video and working out the uploading. i am so sorry to hear you have to deal with this again. You are in my thoughts and I am sending you lots of love and hugs. Tania xxxx


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  7. Bec, you’ve got this! I know woman that have chosen their breasts over the op, yep! Really…..your awesome, brave, and taking your body back from this disease……taking away the threat of it returning! Keep us up dated, we only have today, and we will be thinking of you, today & tomorrow! And next wk, and the next wk ect … got this chic….lots of love ❤️ rest up, get lots of love and we are so excited to see the NEW Bec, better than ever! Boobs smboobs…..there body fat you know, I’m an A cup! Never had big boobs……we’ve always got chicken fillets! 😘 You gotta laugh 😂It’s the best medicine, Xxx Bxxx


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