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The Day Before My Bilateral Mastectomy…

Well the time has come where I am saying, “One more sleep!”  Tomorrow I embark on the first stage of kicking cancer to the curb for the second time.  Around lunch time tomorrow, I will be undergoing a bilateral mastectomy, sentinel node biopsy and the first stage of reconstructive surgery.

I’ve recorded another video diary during the blissful afternoon I had at home (alone).  I am so blessed that my family respected my need for space this afternoon to do what I need to do to get my mind ready for tomorrow.  In saying that, I wasn’t even sure what it was I needed to do, but my goodness I’m so glad I had some down time, some quiet time to myself.

You can even tell I was relaxed during the recording, because when I watched it back, I was talking soooooo slowly – so clearly I was very zen! Yay!

My afternoon that followed the below video diary was incredible.  I was able to cry, move slowly, pack my bag, listen to music, watch the latest episode of ‘Younger’ and just be and do whatever I wanted.  I currently sit with a warm cup of Tumeric tea while I wait for everyone to arrive home.  After I upload this, I just need to wrap some little pressies for both my children, so they get something special from me whilst I’m in hospital to let them know I love them and I’m thinking of them while I can’t be at home.

So here it is and I’m hoping post surgery I’ll be feeling up to my writing again (which is my true passion) – the video’s are just because I’m lazy at the moment and don’t have the mind space to sit and truly express how I feel.  Happy Thursday and I’ll be back, minus two breasts…. BUT most importantly MINUS CANCER!!!!! Let’s do this!

Bec x



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