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Too Much Too Soon

Sometimes we want to bounce back from various facets of life that have temporarily put the brakes on things.  For me, I found myself under the weather (as you will see in the below video diary) just shy of my 6 weeks post surgery.  Life had to resume to some form of normality (well so I thought) and I was jumping out of my skin to get everything in terms of family life and routine back on track, after I’d been down and out from my second diagnosis of breast cancer and my subsequent surgery for a bilateral mastectomy – I was just craving normal.

Goes to show, if we ‘jump’ too soon, our body will certainly pull us up.  Here’s my diary about the message my body sent me to ‘woo up’!  You just can’t rush some things – patience is a virtue!


Slow things down if your body is telling you it needs a break!!

Love Bec x

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