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Welcome to Blogtober 2.0

Day 1 – Welcome

I first created Blogtober in 2016, two years after my first breast cancer diagnosis. I set it as both a challenge to myself, which was driven by my passion as a young breast cancer advocate, as well as desire through my love to write.

[Since then, I’ve had a second diagnosis of breast cancer and am currently in the first stage of breast reconstruction post bilateral-mastectomy.]

You see, when I started to ‘Google’ information after I was diagnosed just after my thirtieth birthday, I couldn’t find any relevant information that pertained to my age category. Instead, everything seemed to be for women 50+ years of age. Even the statistics were not relatable. I found having breast cancer at a young age was incredible isolating. Not only there is a lack of information specifically relevant to a younger demographic, but there was also a lack of people to connect with.

As a result of successfully completing Blogtober in 2016, I ended up with a significant ‘catalogue’ of information that others could access. Not only young women, but anyone battling their own illness. What’s incredible is that I have now connected with not only women in Australia, but also women across the world. I have people contact me, ask questions and even have Skype chats. It feels so heart-warming to know that both they and I are not alone – and despite geography, we can still connect via the power of technology.

On top of that, what I didn’t expect to happen was that my readership diversified. It was not only sufferers of breast cancer, but also other woman (and some men) who weren’t in fact ill at all – my readers enjoyed my universal message, which is this:

“It is my ultimate goal to provide a healthy perspective on life, empower gratitude, raise awareness for young breast cancer and provoke thoughts of positive change.”

The reason I write and more importantly the reason I share openly, is not for the purpose of teaching or convincing. I share to help those who feel the same as me, feel less alone, to feel heard, understood, supported and empowered. I write to demonstrate to others that even in the most awful moments when you feel you have no choice, you actually have more choice and power than you think.

I write not only for and about breast cancer, I write to speak to anyone dealing with anything difficult – and that difficulty doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t have to be life threatening etc. Sometimes, life can feel ‘stuck’ or we can feel flat for no apparent reason. My words, through my own experiences are written to demonstrate a power within each and every one of us.

It took me two years to find my feet after breast cancer the first time. I had to completely break and fall apart in order to rebuild myself. It makes me so happy that I can now look more positively on unfavourable circumstances and still find peace, love and joy.

Why October? Well, In Australia, it is our National Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I saw it fitting to create Blogtober in 2016 and give it another spin this year with ‘Blogtober 2.0’.

I would love for you to join me on this next Blogtober adventure… You can stay up-to-date HERE.

Love Bec x

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