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Slow Down Sunday

Today’s blog is exactly as the title suggests…

Sundays for me (and as a family) is a day to take the pressure down, move slowly and remove all expectations that often sit on our shoulders more heavily from Monday to Friday.  We like to choose what we would like to do as a family and then I personally like to choose what I would like to do (a few little things that individually make me happy).

Sunday is a day to reset, rebalance and recharge, and so the saying goes:

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”

My Sunday so far…

  • I got up at 6am and spent some time outside with our new puppy ‘Pepper’ (we are toilet training, so I got extremely excited when she did a little wee outside, yay, progress).  When I’m outside with her, I just take it all in, I look at the trees swaying above and the green grass beneath my feet – I listen to all the happy birds singing and chirping.  We are just settling into a new house and being in the back yard makes me happy, I slow down and simply take it all in, I could sit out there all day.
  • Put my diffuser on with an elevating blend of Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Peppermint (smells amazing).
  • Made my son some breakfast.
  • Made a cup of Tumeric tea and sat out on my front balcony… when I do this I just sit and ponder, I appreciate the sun shining in and listen to my heart in terms of what I want to do for the day.  On weekdays I allow my mind to hold a little more weight in speaking to me about what I need to do on any given day.  Though, on Sundays I allow my heart to speak in terms of wants instead of needs or have to’s – Sunday is a little more about my heart’s desires and eliminating pressure.
  • Sitting here writing this blog.


Slow Sunday - image


So what will my Sunday bring?  What is my ‘Slow Sunday’ wish list?

  • Well I’m normally a pancake Sunday girl and I mix up a super tall pancake stack for my family, though today a new cafe is calling me.  So we will venture out and try something new.
  • I will top up and mix up some new aromatherapy oil blends, I’m thinking a headache blend, something for focus and energy, a new perfume and a happiness blend.  Most of mine are all very calming based, so today I’m focusing on a bit more zest.
  • We are heading to IKEA so we can set up my daughters study room.  She’s currently in year 10 and going into her senior years so we are creating a space for her to feel organised and calm.  I’m thinking some plants, a white board, perhaps a corner desk and an extra diffuser, she is obsessed with Lavender.
  • Meal planning/grocery order – I’m exploring lots of new recipes at the moment, my new kitchen has given me back my cooking mojo and all of you know how much I love to cook (cooking was my therapy during chemotherapy), so there’s lots of new healthy fresh foods for my family being added to our rotation.
  • An afternoon timeout which will include: meditation, reading my book and a Nanna Nap.  Rest for me is still imperative post surgery.  If you watched THIS video diary, you will know that I’m dealing with a complication on my radiated breast (all of my remaining fills have been put on hold).  I have a wound which is really struggling to heal.  It’s definitely improving, yet, it’s incredibly slow going.  Radiated skin does not heal easily.  This has required so much patience and trust, it’s disheartening, but looking after myself is the best thing I can do to ensure that my body can overcome this hiccup.  So back to this point; REST and some alone time to achieve this, is an absolute MUST.
  • I will catch up on The Bachelor… life has been so incredibly busy and I’ve been too tired to watch tv (this is about the only TV I actually watch) – Somehow I have avoided seeing the result of the finale on social media etc SO PLEASE DON’T TELL ME!!!!
  • Bounce – I will jump on the trampoline with my son.  I’ve been doing this for exercise and it’s very much needed for my lymphatic system (since I have no lymph nodes in my right axilla) I find this SO MUCH FUN and it’s exercise ticked off all at the same time – winning!
  • Sheet Sunday – We wash all our sheets on Sundays (I don’t do any other laundry on Sunday just sheets).  It’s nice to start the week fresh.

Sheet Sunday Image

  • I will have a long hot bath this evening before hopping into bed.
  • Finally – the most important thing to me is being present and enjoying the company of my family as our day unfolds.

I hope you too can take the time to do what you enjoy, take some time out, take the pressure down and eliminate some of the day to day stress that creeps up on us.

Good health to me is all about balance and reducing stress.

Happy Slow Sunday.

Love Bec x

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