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A New Moon…

New Moon definition/

A new moon happens every 29.5 days – when the side of the moon facing the earth is in total darkness.  In astronomy, a new moon marks the first lunar phase.  The original meaning of the term is the first visible crescent of the moon, which is briefly visible when it’s low above the western horizon just after the sun has gone down.  As a new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, it symbolises new beginnings.

Why I love a new moon?

… After darkness comes light, yet, before I am ready for the light, I need time to stop, take check, reflect and figure out what my new intentions are.

A new moon gives an opportunity of re-setting, reflecting and intention setting every 29.5 days – so there’s ample opportunity to jump on board – it’s not about ‘new years resolutions’ it’s not about goal setting once a year and potentially failing, only having to wait another entire year to start over…

Our purpose and intent for life is something that is ever evolving.  It changes; we change!  We change through the growth of experiences that have touched us.  Constant growth and evolution is exactly why there is no use getting too ahead of ourselves.  Our true power and ability is in the now – present tense (forget the 5 year plan).  If we get ahead of ourselves with too much forward planning, scheduling or goal setting – we can lose sight of ourselves in the process.

The art of living on purpose, is being able to hear our heart’s desires, be proficient in connecting with the power of our mind, our spiritual magic, our intuition, our inner guidance of knowing – and being able to connect with that regularly.

The New Moon is an opportunity to gently review my position, reflect on the past month and see how I sit with my purpose and intention.  It’s a beautiful opening to re-align, and attune to what no longer serves me, to course correct and be lead by my intuition – only we truly know what is best for ourselves – yet we can only hear this knowing if we allow and create space to hear it.

We can sometimes lose our sense of intuition and true path of life when we don’t turn down the volume of life, when we don’t take time out.  When we don’t stop to take check!

The new moon excites me, I allow myself the opportunity to have a spiritual ritual and create a relaxing and soothing environment.  It’s a time where I purposefully and lovingly create space (it’s ‘you’ time – what’s not to love about that). I allow myself to fully immerse and engage in the beautiful gift of darkness, silence and stillness offered perfectly by the new moon. It’s like having access to a reset button, and we all can agree that from time to time a reset button can be pure gold – a chance to restore to ‘factory settings’ aka ‘our true selves’.

My rituals depend on how I’m feeling, how much time and effort I have at that particular point in time. I take a no pressure approach and simply do what I feel like – I am working on an easy ‘how-to’ guide and an enticing ‘menu’ of beautiful options, so that you too can implement a new moon ritual or practice into your routine.  So keep a look out or even send me an email or a comment if you’ve never done this before and wish to give it a go (I’ll even be hosting some new moon intention setting sessions for those that live close by).

Spirituality aside – ACTUALLY, I may rephrase that… Spirituality combined– I’m an incredibly practical person! I understand family life, the demands and practicalities of everyday life.  I understand life with illness and most of all, I understand the brute strength of life when it tries to break you.  I’m not an ‘airy fairy’ person I’m not aloof and I’m not in a dream world where I dismiss reality, quite the contrary, I am firmly grounded and rooted in the chaos and difficulty of everyday life.

This blog ‘One Life’ is all about balance and integration AND YES you CAN be spiritual AND practical and this is exactly what I’ve always been about.  Meeting life challenges with presence, trust and belief – taking the time to go inwards so that I can survive the outer world – the outer experience. I would not have emotionally and psychologically survived the onset and ongoing stress of a child with a chronic illness and on top of that the two times I have faced breast cancer and the continuum of what a person who has had cancer continues to live with.

I am incredibly in touch with the inner me, and through years and years of practice, I’ve been able to peacefully accept and still smile through traumatic and scary life events. I’ve learnt how to live in peace despite fear and learnt to live a life of choosing not driven by thatfear – it has taken a very long time and I have worked incredibly hard.

I never stop working on the power of my mind.  To live congruently with my ideas, values and spiritual practice, it involves ongoing maintenance.  It’s discipline, ongoing education, self-development and patience.  It has required me to completely, openly and lovingly surrender to the path of my life – whatever comes my way.  It’s acceptance, peace, grace and love for whatever is– the good, the bad and the ugly – and how I chooseto experience (and I sure as hell have seen a lot of ‘ugly’).

So to sum up my opening question, ‘Why do I love the new moon?’ – it’s simply because various stages of the moon cycle act as a natural timekeeper to checking in with myself – ensuring that I allow myself time to naturally evolve and progress.  It is a gift I give to myself every new moon (29.5 days) – it excites me, it fills my cup.

Is this something you might like to try?  Are you wanting to stay on track or at least give yourself some space to figure out what you want and how you want to feel?  Do you want an opportunity to self-reflect?  Are you caught up in the daily grind and every day is the same? Day’s turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and before you know it years and years go by and you wonder what you’ve done with your life!  You may sit scratching your head wondering why you haven’t achieved any of your hopes or dreams or perhaps you’re living without something truly meaningful  – without something that lights you up and sets your heart on fire?

Maybe a simple full moon practice might bring some sparkle to your life or at least provide some time and space to hear yourself – hear your own thoughts and heart dreams.

[Just be mindful – intention setting is very different to goal setting.  Intentions are about how something makes you feel, it’s about wholehearted fulfilment.  Goal setting is outcome driven and sometimes lacks soul, goal setting can be too ego driven. Don’t get me wrong; I set practical goals also (not always, but certainly when I need accountability in my life), yet usually my goals are an extension of my intentions to ensure that I’m staying true to myself].

I give thanks to finding a new moon practice and I get excited each time it roles around.

Bec x

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