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Hair Loss: To Wig or not to Wig

Hair loss is such a big topic when it comes to breast cancer or any cancer that has this devastating side effect.  There are so many facets I could cover relating to emotions alone, however, this post will focus on the wigs that I chose and what I found to be the best regarding real vs synthetic hair (I knew nothing until I had both and could draw a real comparison from my experience) – I wish this blog was available to me when I had to choose, so I hope this helps you or someone you may know facing hair loss and baldness.

I’m splitting this blog into three parts…


This section is short and sweet (or not so sweet actually) – these images are when my hair started to fall out profusely… In the shower, on my pillow, in the bathroom – EVERYWHERE!  Pulling clumps out of my hair still gives me a lump in my throat and choosing to shave it when the shedding started, was the most empowering thing I did.  It was the only form of control I had in an out of control situation – F**K cancer!



This is a video which I filmed two years ago (2016).  This takes you through the three wigs that I purchased and the differences in each.  I also talked about the crazy need to find my wigs BEFORE I lost my hair and the surprising fact that once I did lose my hair and had already spent a pretty penny on each of my three wigs – I actually hardly ever wore them.  However, I know this information is hard to find, so if you are currently experiencing or about to experience hair loss (or know someone who is), this is a great video for you to learn the differences in what is available to you.  It is then followed by some images of me wearing my various wigs.





This is slideshow of images to highlight that bald is beautiful and being yourself and feeling comfortable is the most important thing when going through a cancer battle. It was my daughter (twelve at the time) who encouraged me to just be myself hair or no hair, my children admired me not for having or not having hair, but because it was me, I was still their mum and they didn’t need glamour.  My family knew how uncomfortably hot they would make me, as I had early onset menopause as soon as my chemo started (was hot flushing like a crazy woman) – so I really didn’t enjoy the wigs.  Also as mentioned in my video… they just didn’t feel like me.  Even though looking back on the above photos, I think the wigs looked pretty good/natural etc, but when you are wearing them yourself, you feel ANYTHING BUT yourself.  So here is a photos series of my alternative choice… scarves, bandanas and BALD!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

WELL…… WOWEEEEEE – that was sure a trip down memory lane!

Love Bec x

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