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Finding Peace and Alone Time

“Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. Learn to let go.”

For me, surrendering to find peace means to breathe through the unknown, the uncertainty.  It means being ok with no plans. It’s being at ease with not knowing what’s next. The kind of breathing required for surrender is beyond the shallow depths of the ‘norm’, it’s stopping, sitting and slowing right down so you can be conscious of your own being:

Where you are,

What you can see,




Deepening your breath, you open and expand through your heart chakra, you expand your belly making it protrude and full, and it’s breathing out with a sigh.

For me to be at the core of peace (via surrendering)… I need alone time to renew this way of being. I can only maintain this peace through the chaos of ‘normal’ life for so long. I am always required to return to myself in order to find harmony and through that, the ability to hear my true voice (the rational voice, not the frantic, chaotic or stressed out voice). I need time and space to be without any noise or movement of others. It’s with gratitude and creating this (alone) time over and over again that brings me peace, the peace and calm I need to survive the outer experience called ‘life’.

It’s during this alone time that I can fully tune into what I need to hear, and what I need to do to remain balanced, capable, calm and content. It’s via this peace and alone practice that I know what kind of adjustments I need to make.

How do I get this alone time as a mum?

  • Once a month on a new moon – see HERE.
  • I sneak off for a bath.
  • I get up earlier than the rest of my family.
  • I get everyone into bed early and instead of watching TV I give that alone time to myself before bed.
  • Bedtime ritual (I will have to write a blog on this).
  • Ask for it… whether you have a husband/partner, or family/friends that can help you out. You need to ask, you need to tell them that you require some time out to reconnect. If you don’t ask then you shall not receive. Often we get kids looked after so that we can attend an event but NOT for peace and calm. Why don’t you schedule some alone time?

My surrendering mantra:

I am at peace with exactly where I am. I trust and believe in the beautiful and unravelling process of life.

I know with the right belief systems and attitude, I choose how I experience any given experience that comes into my world.

I lovingly accept myself, all of me and I believe in my unending power and ability to share my light and be lead to what is meant to be.

I trust.

I surrender; and

I gift myself alone time to always find my peace to rebalance.


Well it wouldn’t be a genuine blog post if I wasn’t prepared to take my own advice now would it?? So in surrendering to my intuition after struggling to find peace in recent days. I was guided by what my heart and mind are speaking based on this very diary entry… I need to adjust my sails in order to keep peace and balance within.

I’m taking Blogtober 2.0 down a notch… I may have successfully completed Blogtober two years ago (2016) and it was wonderful. Yet, life evolves and changes day by day, month by month, year by year… Not only we grow and change as individuals, but our outer life experiences change also. For example, if you are a parent, our children grow into different stages, requiring different styles of parenting, time and involvement. In addition, my husband now works away during the week, so I’m flying solo during the week – and solo parenting is quite demanding and taxing without someone to bounce off (a partner in crime).

Over the past days, my stress has risen when trying to load a blog has encroached on my family time. Not only via physical time required, but also my energy and willingness to give calmly and lovingly to my children has been compromised. Blogging daily is stretching me and whilst raising awareness for breast cancer, particularly in October is so incredibly important and dear to my heart, I also can acknowledge and appreciate my own Blog ‘One Life’s’ message (all we have is now) and I wouldn’t be honouring that if I didn’t take the pressure down in order to get back to presence (where the magic of life is).

I’m not setting down a new structure, the only thing I’ll say is that I won’t be posting on weekends, and as for the rest of October, I have a few more ‘close to my heart’ items and important things that I want to share. When will they be posted? I guess when they are ready, when I am ready and when I have pure and real time, not time that has me stretched and pulled in a million directions at the same time.

So on that note, I am taking a huge breath in, filling my lungs and belly with renewed air and breathing it out on a sigh, with relief and peace that I have chosen what allows me the power of presence and what matters most to me – my family and my own health.

Living the ‘one life’ I have been gifted I have promised myself since getting cancer the first time that I need to quickly identify stress in my life and most importantly I need to VERY QUICKLY dismantle that stress. This is what I have just done for myself in honouring this life I am so lucky to be living – I have reduced my stress.

I know each and every one of you will understand and appreciate this post as open and honest in surrendering and not fulfilling all thirty-one days of Blogtober 2.0. I also hope that it acts as an example of all I speak and write about when it comes to knowing your own limits and how we humans need to recalibrate from time to time, checking in with ourselves and ensuring that we are on the right path, a path that feels right in all facets, in our mind, our heart, our gut – everything.

I’m already feeling more like the chilled out Mumma that I prefer to be (just by dismantling my own stress).

Much love….

Bec x

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  2. Belinda Piffero says

    I would much rather read less from you, knowing that what I read hasn’t come at the cost of stress or less family time- so I am glad you are stepping back a little.


    • Thanks so much Belinda, I knew (or was hoping) my loyal readers would feel this way. I also feel more passionately about my writing and the words I share when I have the time to do so. I think I was a little too ambitious this time round… this year has been HUGE, my last few months and even the recovery that I am still going through with one more surgery to go is enough for me to re-evaluate my writing output and take a step back to realign. Thank you again for your kind and understanding words. I truly appreciate it xx


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