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Full Moon Energy

Washing away the last of what no longer serves me amongst the remaining full moon energy in the beach today. There’s nothing quite like a swim in the ocean to cleanse and heal.

Did you know the energy of the full moon begins a couple of days before and lasts for a couple of days after? Which means you have plenty of time to hone in and make the most of it. During this time, I choose to become aware and enlightened to what is blocking me from being me, mindfulness of this makes it easier to release, set free and let go…

I ask myself (and you should too) – what is weighing me down? What makes my tummy churn? What is misaligned with what I am trying to achieve? What is in the way? What qualities or actions or self-talk within myself is holding me back? What myths do I need to squash? What unhealthy habits are keeping me from a higher clarity?

You might even like to write a list of all the things you don’t wish to carry forward – you may keep as a reminder to yourself, or instead you could burn the list to symbolise the new beginning that a full moon gifts to us and the facets of our life that we choose to set free.

Each moon cycle offers me the opportunity if I truly tune in to the timings and energy forces, where I choose to shed, refine and adjust or re-align my sights on the direction of my choosing. If you move with the energy instead of against it, then you will reap the benefits of a life in flow – a life, which moves with grace and fluidity. I no longer leave room for forced actions or unnatural participation in life. I think after I was forced to confront the possibility of premature mortality (after my diagnosis of a life threatening disease – cancer), it allowed me the clarity to stop showing up half-heartedly. It also gave me a backbone, which I’d probably lacked up until that point in my life.

A side note with regard to cancer and for anyone out there currently fighting, or for the survivors (or if you are someone facing grave fears right now) – the fears of mortality don’t dissipate completely, I used to really struggle when the fear would bubble to the surface and drop me to my knees – it’s so indescribably painful and confronting… I have however, learnt to re-channel that fear so that the heightened energy can be instilled into something great. I allow my fear to be what it is, REAL. I let it take my breath away, I let the tears flow and I allow in that moment to let myself be terrified. I then breathe it right into my soul and use it to propel me further and further forward. It generally takes me to the most beautiful place of gratitude.

We can’t be switched on and running at 100% – 24/7… I think it’s a common misconception and destructive self-belief if that’s the kind of pressure we have on ourselves, or worse, if we allow others to expect that of us. There is no longer room in my life for perfection. Perfection doesn’t allow for the natural ebbs and flows of life. The sooner you can welcome gentle self-kindness, a little chaos, imperfection and uninhibited quirkiness into your world, the better! You may surprise yourself in how light you will feel and you may even rekindle that special relationship with yourself.

I’ve been consciously shedding and refining and openly learning for most of my adult life. I’ve learnt to let my intuition guide me, and through each major life event that I’ve lived through – has gifted me distinct outcomes and beliefs. My hurdles have paved a life of greater clarity time and time again!

So it’s not just the full moon energy in which I write about. It’s tapping into exactly where you’re at (your own energy), and what you need! Seek intuitively which direction you will head and what you will do for yourself to get there?

I know I’m about to give myself a little break over these school holidays to let be and move more slowly while the kids are off school and out of routine – I LOVE a good break from routine.

Bec x

Eating Happiness

You know those moments when you feel so happy that you could burst?

How do you fill your soul – so that pure joy radiates like a smile through your whole being?

I experienced one of those soul-fulfilling moments yesterday and it reminded me how simply and easily I can fill my soul with a warm glow (if I allow it). That pure ecstatic feeling where you can simply smile at the most random of moments? Because your heart is full!

Observing George (my Mr five) aka ‘Observing the magic’:

The magic in his eyes, the innocence, the pure and uninterrupted joy, the energy and fulfilment without the need for anything more!

The cheekiness, the candidness and the natural air of enjoyment… he has an effortless being of happiness, which radiates as a warm and loving glow all around him, which then lovingly extends to myself – I feel his magic!

The laughter, THAT uninhibited laughter – you want to bottle as medicine! A medicine for when we ourselves want to exude that flamboyant zest and passion for life.

He smiles, I smile… he cries, I cry… there is something about this age… The age of innocence – before the world has had a chance to inflict its complexities!

He burps, he laughs – I laugh and that laugher is TOTALLY and UTTERLY infectious… I could squeeze him forever and watch his happy ways.


I could eat his happiness! And I do…

How do you fill your soul – so that pure joy radiates like a smile through your whole being?

For me… I keep it simple – I need moments of stillness and moments of absolute presence. Now listen up all of you multi-tasking super heroes, super Mummas and all round busy people…. Sometimes, we can’t do it all! In order to truly absorb any form of magic in life, presence is required, which means focusing on JUST ONE thing at a time.

Yesterday observing my gorgeous son, was what inspired me to write this… I was sitting in the car after I’d picked George up from Kindy and had about twenty minutes to wait for Ellie to finish school. I had plans of replying to emails, picking up voicemails and getting on top of communications etc. George was full of boundless energy and had this extra pizazz about him… I had a choice:

a) tell him to sit quietly while ‘mummy’ does a few jobs; or

b) forget the jobs for twenty or so minutes and engage play with my son.

I chose option ‘b’ and let’s face it – those of you reading this, let’s acknowledge that we don’t always (naturally) choose that option.

That twenty minutes of play, was a crucial foundation.  Those moments of play created a setting for the most relaxed and easy flowing evening. It was magic continued: I cooked, cleaned, washed, prepared for the next day – you know just the normal stuff – but I did it with ease and grace (and no yelling). The kids had more fun and were super chilled because I had too passed on my own piece of magic (chilled out Mumma). We all contribute to the moods and energy of others and we have a choice of whether that will be good or bad energy.

George had a gift to give and I openly received. Are you taking the time to solely focus on the present so you can be gifted something wonderful?

I know not everyone has a five year old, or any children for that matter, this was merely an example of how stopping, shutting down all the open tabs in my mind and truly just stopping – appreciating – and being… Your magic will come too. I can get a sense of calm and inner happiness simply by watching a tree blow in the breeze, watching all the branches bend and move with fluidity.  Or stopping just to hear my own breath.

So a big thank you to my gorgeous boy for pulling me momentarily out of my own ‘trance of life’ and inspiring this piece – my soul is still glowing.

All we have is now – choose to eat more happiness.

Bec x

There is Change Blowing in the Breeze

Change, adventure and growth are imminent and I am wide open, ready, trusting and living.

It feels like a slow, deep and appreciated sigh… one which offers release via exhaling. And with the next breath in, it is bursting full of energy, inspiration and I can’t help but smile.

I feel it tingle and raise the hairs on my arms with a hint of goose bumps – it’s a deep sense within, creating an outer release, feelings of excitement, exhilarated fear and fresh wisdom all at the same time.

New adventures can begin at any time, in any place, provided our eyes are open, our heart is accepting and our mind freely allows change without sabotage of overthinking patterns, which can be detrimental to growth.

When you think about it, life is one huge adventure, because it is a series of decisions, actions and plans that lead to micro and macro change based on which path you choose at any given crossroad.

Big (bigger than usual) adventures come every so often. Sometimes positively via actions or intentions of seeking or working towards great things… And then there are the adventures of which come that are out of our control; these life events or happenings beyond control are often seen as facing some form of adversity.

My family and I are on the brink of one of those ‘big’ adventures in life and this time, it is one of choosing (unlike cancer). It comes out of great consideration as it affects all of us as individuals and collectively as a family.

The empowerment that comes with such a huge life change is one of happiness, necessity to enable further or continued exploration of life, and one, which brings an eerie and overwhelming sense of peace.

In less than a week we are moving interstate and embarking on a completely new adventure…

There is change blowing in the breeze and I am ready! Ready to embrace this new space that has opened in our life and collectively as a family, nurture one another through the adjustment. As we ride this exciting AND scary AND awesome AND unknown adventure… it has opened a different phase that enhances our adventurous spirit to live life to its fullest.  Embracing with an open heart and truly appreciating the exploration  ahead, through our one and only precious life that we are so very grateful for.

Watch this space as I share through the journey of change and adjustment…

B x

Exist or Live?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist that is all” – Oscar Wilde

I believe in trusting your instincts, breathing deeply enough to allow a sense of calm and living with absolute intention… intention for what?

Intention, which reflects gratitude, courage and hunger… hunger to live in a way, which makes your heart sing. Living intently to hear and chase your desires and dreams; and having the courage to dip your toes into the ocean of ‘life for the taking’.

What is life to you? Personally for me, it’s finding what makes me tick, being at peace with the realities of my own unique life and the challenges that I face and cannot always control. It’s the beauty of acceptance and the peace that follows when I surrender.

It’s learning to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’ and when to still my mind so I can hear what my heart is speaking. To do more than simply ‘exist’ requires extension and the removal of self-barriers. It’s a fresh set of eyes to see with less resistance.

True living happens or occurs through self-trust and an ability to sit with what scares you the most. It’s taking the layers of the societal ‘norm’ or looking beyond what we ‘perceive’ should be our next step in life. It’s looking within, trusting your heart, your intentions and with the greatest respect for our life and the opportunity we have to be alive… it’s about doing more than merely exist.

What scares you the most? Perhaps that’s where the secret key lies to finding or understanding your heart’s desires; where you may unlock your intention, your purpose and what may just serve you to do more than only exist.

B x

Mindset… a Powerful Tool

Mindset definition: the established set of attitudes held by someone.

Today I had my breast MRI and I will start by saying… I am really proud of myself (insert huge smiley face)!

MRI machine

Scans after a cancer diagnosis – sadly become part of your life. Whether you like it or not, you will continue to be monitored, checked and scanned through a variety of medical interventions.

Back in June, my scans showed changes – these were followed up with biopsies, which was not a pleasant time in our life, however, we received AMAZING benign results and an action to do a follow up scan in six months instead of twelve.

The reason for my blog, is not really to tell you the ins and outs of scans etc. but instead to discuss the psychology of going through these motions; and behaviours and feelings in which arise on these occasions.

Why am I proud of myself, you ask?

Is it:

  • Because I got through the one hour long scan with both my hands above my head and my rib cage resting on an uncomfortably hard surface without being able to move the entire time (for MRI number 5)? NO.
  • Because I booked this scan in despite my reservation to want to do so? NO.
  • Because I showed up despite wanting to do a million other things – instead of the dreaded scan? NO.
  • Because I paid for the God damn expensive scan, despite better judgement to run out the door and dodge the eftpos machine, because I’ve bloody paid for too many of these expensive tests over the past three and a half years and it gives me the shits? NO.

Well why am I proud…?

It might sound silly, but quite simply, I was able to interact and be kind and be myself and be normal with the technicians and administration staff. I was even able to have a joke (this is big for me)!!! I was able to be at peace and calm within myself (this is huge also). It probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense – most people who know me, know that I’m not short of conversation and that I’m usually pretty happy, smiley and happy to engage with other people in a friendly fashion (so why on earth would I be proud of myself, simply for being happy and chatty)?

Well…. Over the years, not only since my own diagnosis of breast cancer, but also since my daughters diagnosis of an incurable illness – our increased exposure to medical environments has meant that I begun suffering from anxiety, induced by these medical atmospheres and various treatments/procedures. I have experienced a lot of grief, sadness, loss and difficulty in these places (imaging centres, hospitals, doctor’s offices, treatment rooms, operating theatres and endless time spent in waiting rooms).

I didn’t recognise it as anxiety initially, because I am completely fine, but what I realised was that since my own diagnosis and the initial denial of the fact that I even had cancer, was the fact that I would shut down my ‘normal’ or ‘usual’ personality/demeanour. I began to recognise that when I was afraid or annoyed about the situation at hand, I would glaze over in terms of the person I normally am, and instead, become a hard, cold, sometimes impatient person who doesn’t seem that pleasant. I seemed to lose my ability to engage in small talk because of the enormity of what is going through my mind (mostly fear).

In reality, the reason why I would shut down like this, is quite simply because I was a frightened young woman who would prefer to be anywhere else in the world instead of wherever it was that caused this painful shutdown.

My friends and I used to joke when I started chemo, due to the fact I was absolutely petrified of going, so when I would walk in those doors, I would say that I transformed into an ‘Ice B**CH’…. I would become cold and disconnected and wanted to disassociate myself with the reality of the situation.

[Upon reflection of each of these times I behaved in this way, it caused further pain, because it was unusual behaviour for me, and in hindsight, I would feel terrible for shutting down].

Over time, I not only became aware of my behavioural shift (caused by pure fear), but could feel it coming on… it was an extremely awful feeling like you were losing control – but really, it was just defying and differing the reality of the situation at hand. In other words, if I disengaged, I could seemingly distance myself and not truly experience what was happening – I would shield myself.

This morning I woke, and then I realised… Scan day! I was a bit deflated (probably more inconvenienced) but I wasn’t fearful or having those feelings of anger which would emanate into ‘Ice B**CH’. Phew!

And to round this story up… I handled today just as I would go in to update my driver’s licence or any other routine activity. I smiled, I chatted, I joked and I even hugged my technician who has done all five of these particular scans. I also thanked the lady who charged me a ridiculous amount of money, I even smiled again when she said it wasn’t Medicare claimable… Hell, I nearly skipped out of the place on the way to get coffee.

Why was I so happy? I was able, through measures of being incredibly present in the moment, combined with the knowledge and progression of how I have learnt to deal with fear and anxiety – to actually have a scan appointment that was as pleasant as possible. I did this by simply being in the moment, I filled myself with acceptance, I didn’t even think about the pending results, I didn’t feel anger about what needed to be done, I didn’t feel ripped off by my diagnosis three and a half years ago… Instead, I just accepted what is (reality) and I got on with it. (I will note however, that this mindset change hasn’t happened overnight, this has been continual personal development and time healing). I chose and have learnt through increased awareness that I can make each experience (to a degree) as tolerable as I need it to be. I’ve managed to do this with appointments, biopsies, other tests and appointments for some time now – yet for some reason, scans and their environment has been particularly difficult for me.

So today – I did it!! I went through the motions of something that is now just a fact of life for me AND, I didn’t completely hate on the experience. I even managed to allow the one-hour lying uncomfortably on my rib cage to create and enjoy my own thoughts, and to quietly in my own head, sing along to Adele and Pink playing through the headset.

Our mindset can be an incredibly powerful dictator or influence – it’s only when we attune to ourselves that we can change painful patterns and anxious feelings.

So yes – it’s a long-winded explanation – BUT TODAY… I am proud of myself.

I hope this will resonate with others that have (or do) suffer from anxiety or battle an ongoing illness that has them in the medical setting more than the average person. Sometimes for me, simply reading words of others can have a constructive impact, which drives me to positive change.

Bec x





More than Survival

Anna’s Story

Allow me to tell the story of a fellow cancer survivor – where I have the honour of sharing a triumphant process of a woman regaining control and injecting choice back into her life. A stark comparison to the cancer process where choice is usually in limited supply.

Breast Friends

This is Anna (right) and myself (left) – we became very close friends (‘breast’ friends) – through the shared experience of Breast Cancer.  Anna supported me selflessly through my own treatment.  I couldn’t live without her 🙂


Choice and control is more powerful than you think… Often, like a lot of things in life, until you loose something, you don’t necessarily value its importance. This is a story of an incredible woman exercising choice and control to nourish her soul and bring a feeling of peace back to her heart, after feeling torment for so long.

Anna suffered from breast cancer at 35, then again at 42 (parotid gland cancer) and then again (yes, again) when she was 47, breast cancer (triple negative). She’s had 20 surgeries, 8 chemotherapy sessions, 60 radiotherapy treatments and various complications along the way that could probably fill a book (maybe she’ll let me write that one day)?

I titled this story ‘More than Survival’ and when you get to the end, you’ll understand why.

On the 24th February 2017 – I held Anna’s hand and walked through the doors of ‘Tatts on Tatts Off’ (Tattoo Studio) to begin a process that was incredibly moving.

On that day…

Walking through the door, I personally feel a sense of anxiety, even though I’m only the support person. It’s a bit of an intimidating environment for me. I guess it’s the fear of the unknown and the unexplored… I share butterflies in the pit of my stomach for my beautiful friend… exciting butterflies. Before we know it, there is banter, jokes and consent forms. I look at my friend and we give each other a knowing smile. Today is the day. Today is the day Anna has been waiting for [for nearly twelve months].

The ex Navy, ex Police officer and incredibly talented artist takes us through to a private room. It is clean, it is professional, and it is an impeccably organised and sophisticated studio with the right amount of spunk. Anna get’s to ‘Show em Who’s Boss’ she gets to take control, she is a warrior and today she gets to make a choice.

Let me explain what cancer is and how it operates in terms of mindset. It strips you of decisions, it strips you of freedom and it manages to back you into a corner that dictates and tries to define… If you can manage to get out unscathed emotionally, well I take my hat off to you… Whilst cancer can never steal your soul, it does a bloody good job of trying to do so.

With Anna, a survivor of three separate primary cancers… her soul is very much in tact, it’s on fire and it’s thriving. This woman I write about is absolutely ‘tough as nails.’ Courageous and young at heart, this amazing woman with a tough exterior is also a beautifully soft human. She’s got a heart of gold, and gold she has given to me, in bucket loads; a friendship that I am eternally grateful for. She sprinkles glitter on my life, brightening any darkness.

For years, Anna has had to look at scarring across her breasts, going through numerous surgeries, not because of choice but for the sake of her life. For those of you who think Breast Cancer Surgery is ‘just a boob job’ or a chance to get ‘a new pair’ – let me set it straight for you… IT.IS.NOT! IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT! If you have had radiation on your breasts, your entire breast becomes scar tissue. Now tell me how you stretch scar tissue? Exactly! It’s not ideal. Experienced surgeons struggle to create natural looking breasts post cancer treatments. It’s not a matter of just slotting a breast implant under a muscle.

I watch my beautiful friend, she’s lying peacefully yet with the occasional clench of her teeth and the pinch of her eyes… she’s in pain, yet taking it in, gritting and baring it, why? Today is all about choice!!


A whimsical design of flowing leaves, foliage and branches leads to a strong and sophisticated rose… petals are layered with precious detail. Two strong and intricately placed roses are meticulously tattooed across Anna’s chest. No longer scarred by endless surgeries, now imprinted by choice, an empowerment like no other which brings strength and beauty back to the core of ones own heart. A sexiness to be felt within, a confidence re-installed to a girl who deserves that feeling. All women deserve to feel beautiful and empowered – and today…. Today was the day to take it all back, take back control and utilise the power of choice.

Cancer you might bring it – but Anna brings it better!!

I am witnessing the most beautiful art on an incredibly strong and inspiring canvas. I get to hold Anna’s hand as she takes back her own power and totally owns her inner sexy… she’s rocking it and I’m grateful to be her support on this milestone day.

Every single woman deserves to feel sexy, and sadly some have their ‘identity’ taken through brutal measures… I’ve never been a ‘tattoo girl’ yet, today, the penny drops and I understand it.

Peter Bone aka ‘Bones’ is the talent behind this artwork – he has a similar heart to that of Anna… almost two years ago, he started doing nipple tattooing. Often in tumour removal, reconstructive surgery or mastectomies that are a result of breast cancer, women may lose their nipples. Bones offers nipple tattooing for breast cancer warriors, pro-bono – it’s a love job! He recognised the emotional pain woman experience when looking in the mirror post surgery and the need for this type of service.

Often breast cancer surgery is expensive and emotionally taxing. At the end of the surgical process, the pain one feels internally when looking at their reflection can be incredibly heartbreaking. When I asked Peter about his compassionate decision to offer nipple tattooing free of charge, he said, “I was sick of hearing cosmetic surgeons charging a fortune for a less than perfect end result.” Peter believed that he could offer a much higher standard that women would be (and are) happier with.

Whilst nipple tattooing is a stark contrast to that of full sleeves, back tatts or tramp stamps, it’s a rewarding service and I’m personally grateful for Peter’s empathy and understanding for woman who must go down the unchosen fight path. Women can come to ‘Tatts on Tatts Off’ to complete themselves if that’s what they feel is missing. Or like my gorgeous girlfriend, you might choose to do something more artistic.

I’ve often said that I’m not a ‘tatt’ girl, though, I do admit to having five tattoos – yes five… not by choice. When you undergo radiotherapy, they must permanently tattoo various markers so that you can be aligned to the beams that will shoot radiation through your body. These remaining markers are like scars, they are reminders – I used to hate them, and now they’re just like all my other imperfections… they tell a story; the fact that I’m still here to tell it is case in point – I’m ok with my ‘marks’. However, if your radiotherapy tatts annoy you, come and see ‘Bones’ – multi-talented, he can also remove tattoos.

Out the other side – Anna has now had three sessions with her tattoo artist and the end result is one that has sparked a ‘new girl’. Even after the initial session when they were not yet complete, she had a spring in her step and a contagious energy that was radiating in bucket loads.   It was such an amazing transformation. The physical look of how such art has changed Anna’s appearance is one thing, yet the emersion of a new person that now houses a delicate softness in her heart for herself is priceless. This renewed self-love is the most magical aspect of the entire process; a breakthrough transformation after battling cancer multiple times.

After a tangle of life-threatening illnesses that deeply disturbed her life, watching Anna evolve as her blissful right of choice was fulfilled, is truly inspiring. I’m so proud and in awe of my beautiful ‘breast’ friend.

In conclusion – lets all take our hat off to the unbelievably brave and kind woman that she is. For Anna to share these pictures, allowing others to momentarily come into her world is incredibly admirable.

This piece was originally published in my digital magazine, Enlighten.  You can see it in magazine design HERE.

Since writing this article, Anna’s tattoo artist Peter Bone (aka Bones) has launched a charity called ‘Survivors Ink’.

What is Survivors Ink?

Survivors Ink is a non-profit charity organisation, focused on providing breast cancer survivors with FREE realistic nipple tattooing and financial support. Most breast cancer survivors and their families are still facing, both financial and emotional hardship as a result of their cancer treatment and recovery.

Many breast cancer survivors are unable to consider cosmetic tattooing and reconstructive surgery, due to the exorbitant costs associated.

Survivors Inks aim is to provide free realistic nipple tattooing to all Australians affected by breast cancer and aid in their physical and mental recovery, free of charge.

If you know of anyone who could benefit from the process of nipple tattooing or alternatively are able to donate, please don’t hesitate to call or check out their website and social media accounts for further details. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Instagram: survivors_ink and tattsontattsoff

Facebook: Survivors Ink and Tatts on Tatts Off

B x





Are you spending too much time on your phone?

Do you get mesmerised by the little red dots that tell us how many notifications are on each of our social media platforms, or our emails? Are you drawn to them without even realising? Do you check your phone way more than necessary – simply because you have habitually become drawn to clearing notifications?

I became unwell recently with a virus that snowballed to the point I ended up in hospital… really crook. I ended up with vestibular neuritis, a condition where I was suffering chronic nauseousness (plus incessant vomiting) and an imbalance caused by dizziness. I struggled to walk straight and I can only describe it as either morning sickness on steroids or the point you reach when you know you’ve had too many drinks (and you can’t go back) – yuck!

Due to the dizziness, scrolling my phone made things worse, it made me want to throw up (more than I already was) and so I took some time off my phone. It also stressed me out if I saw work emails, because I knew I was too sick to professionally take the time to reply.

Even though picking up my phone made me sick, I began to realise how habitual it was for me to constantly check it (particularly because I had nothing else to do). So when I was drawn to it, I realised that it was because of my notifications.

I went into settings and I turned off Facebook and Instagram notifications, amongst a few others – and the verdict? Wow – what a difference this has made to my life. No longer when I press my home button, do I see a long list of ‘Insta’ notifications etc. that naturally have me unlocking my phone and diving into social media. It’s not only checking notifications, but it’s also the next half hour of time wastage that comes naturally when you begin the infinite scroll.

I have gained so much more time in my daily routine. I check in on social media, wayyyyy less than I was doing. Now when I check in, it’s because I choose to do so, not because I see something flash on my screen that I’m hypnotised to check.

Do you waste way too much time on your phone? Do you procrastinate via your phone instead of doing whatever it is you are meant to be? Do you feel flat after you’ve wasted an hour and gained absolutely nothing? Do you sometimes feel prisoner to your phone?

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media, I love checking in with my favourites and previewing chic brands, housing ‘inspo’ and cute new bits and pieces; I also love sharing snippets of my own life – yet, all of those things (for me) should be in moderation… And I was over using my phone with zero purpose and starting to resent the time I was wasting.

I think if we’re all honest, these smart phones have become like a drug. When we’re bored, scroll your phone. When you’re alone at a café, scroll your phone. If you’re waiting for dinner to cook, scroll your phone. Hop into bed, scroll your phone, wake up in the morning, and scroll your phone! For me, it just became TOO MUCH!!

Turning notifications off has changed my overuse and I have a much healthier relationship with my phone/social media now that I have done so.

If you feel like you need a little detox, perhaps you too can turn your notifications off?

… Just some food for thought!

B x