Welcome to becbraid! Have you got a cup of tea? Coffee?

Allow me to share my passion of writing with you. I once wrote that I have a hunger to succeed on my resume… this is still true, though, I also share this hunger to write. Words, words, glorious words… there for my sanity “Dear Diary” and there for me to get lost in endless creativity and guilty pleasures of fact, fiction and unending illustrative dialogue.

Come with me and enjoy my passion for writing. Whilst my blog theme here is broad, my ultimate goal is to provide a healthy perspective on life, empower gratitude, raise awareness for young breast cancer and provoke thoughts of positive change.

My writing comes from passing thoughts, vivid dreams, a pinch of the heart, curiosity and exploration.

I’m a particular, details oriented ‘gal’ who is fastidiously intrigued… always. My mind rarely stops… thank goodness for meditation. Better out than in so the saying goes, and here it is, this is my out, these are my words and this is becbraid.

Enjoy x

P.S – Stay tuned under my business page here – exciting news pending.