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Hair Diaries

When I had finished my treatment, the first thing I wanted to know, was how long it would take to grow my hair back. How long until it covered my scalp? How long until I could style it? How long until I could colour it? How long until I could pull it back into a ponytail? How long until I could curl, straighten it etc. I wasn’t sad when I lost my hair, I’d entered fight mode and I knew this was just part of the process. I was more worried about my loved ones, because hair loss provides that visual and stark reality that I was fighting cancer. I was worried for my beautiful girl who was eleven at the time and I was worried that I might scare my seventeen-month-old baby boy. I cut a lot of my hair off before I lost it. I went to just below my shoulders, I look at this photo now and actually think it looks really long (compared to my hair now, yet at the time …

Words From My Mum

The people we are closest to are often the ones so busy caring that their grief can be overlooked. My mum was an absolute blessing when I was diagnosed, she stepped straight up and looked after my children, ensuring they were loved and cared for when my husband and I were in Sydney for surgery and IVF. Mum, like myself or should I say, me like my mother love to release emotions through writing. My mum writes a lot of poetry and she is also the proof-reader behind pretty much everything I write – thanks mum, I love you so much. So here is a piece my mum wrote when I lost my hair. I remember mum going home from work the day I shaved my head, she knew it was going to happen; yet it didn’t make it any easier. On that day she wasn’t coping and her daughter in her eyes wasn’t a thirty year old woman with two children, I was just mum’s baby girl who had always adorned long blonde hair… …

Wiggin’ Out

Come and meet my hairy friends, they are named after Victoria Secret Models, both real and faux.  I’ll tell you all about choosing my wigs… the crazy and urgent need to find one BEFORE I lost my hair and why I wasted my money… Here are some images from my wig wearing days… Bec x   © Copyright 2016 becbraid