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One Life – The Blog in the Media

The month of October is breast cancer awareness month across all fundraising organisations such as the Cancer Council, Jane McGrath, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Pink Hope and the list goes on. In particular, the Cancer Council host pink ribbon day each year and the Riverina celebrated this day on Friday of last week. Nationally, pink ribbon day is tomorrow (24 October). Last week I was both surprised and honoured, in being asked to comment on two media avenues. Firstly the beautiful Nicole Barlow approached me to do a personal story in light of pink ribbon day, she wrote a lovely piece in the Daily Advertiser and I felt extremely appreciative of the fact they found my blog beneficial in awareness, hence promoting it to other woman in the Riverina. I first met Nicole over twelve months ago when I was an ambassador for the Biggest Morning tea (see story here).   I felt extremely happy when Nicole and I were talking and reflecting on my life and what I’ve been up to since we chatted …

Flashbacks + Emotions: A Video

A couple of months ago, my beautiful cousin Montana asked if she could use my battle with Cancer as her subject matter for a school assignment. Montana (aka ‘Moni’) is fifteen years old and in year nine.  She had to complete a biography and a video presentation. Moni has always been the kindest and most warm spirited girl. A smile always planted on her beautiful face and open arms to embrace big hugs whenever we are reunited (Moni lives in Bendigo – where I was born). When Moni asked to write about me… I admired and was grateful for the fact she said I was an inspiration to her in relation to getting through my breast cancer – bless her. The questions were respectful and well thought out (she’s a very mature cookie this one). It was quite confronting re-visiting those dark days to recall information, however, quite therapeutic from a progression point of view. It was refreshing to see that my life has taken leaps and bounds since that dark time. I thought I …

‘One Life’ – BLOG

My Blog has a name… Hooray! When I decided to name my blog, I came up with a good A4 page full of ideas. I was trying to be clever with a ‘play on words’, whilst simultaneously trying to make it simple and easy to remember. I had names such as ‘Word Polish’, which I absolutely loved and even considered as my business name at one point prior to deciding on simplicity and having identity. Other names I toyed with were, ‘Word Spa’, ‘Word Craft’, ‘Word Society’, ‘Word Bird’ – etc – all of which I adored. However, I guess there were two reasons, which created a change of mind on the direction of branding and how I would name it.